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Also known as : ''Tona-Gura! ''

Kazuki Arisaka remembers her childhood friend, Yuuji Kagura, very fondly. When she and her older sister Hatsune learn that Yuuji and his younger sister Marie are moving back next door after 10 years, she is delighted. That delight quickly fades when she realizes that her friend and crush is now a blatant pervert, and his little sister is a machine-gun toting maniac, tasked with keeping her brother in line (with paint balls, and on occasion, smoke bombs). Hatsune still wants the two to hook up, an idea that revolts Kazuki, but are things as simple as Kazuki believes? Is her friend still inside the hyper-active bag of teen hormones called Yuuji?

The series comes off a bit like ''Manga/LoveHina'' with some roles and motives switched, and the mystic elements removed. But with a trimmed-down cast and the same basic settings throughout, it works on its own, and no one is so perfect as to not see at least a chapter or three where things don't go their way. If you want an anime wherein the guy arguably deserves his beating but is still someone you'd want to be around, and where the girl is not so {{Tsundere}} as to wonder where the attraction is, this may be your cup of tea.
!!This series offers examples of the following tropes:
* AccidentalPervert: Subverted almost entirely in Yuuji. He knows exactly what he is doing and saying, though he thinks of it as far more playful than it comes across to the girls he pursues, particularly Kazuki. Despite this, he still manages to walk in on situations he didn't intend, but tries to exploit.
* AdaptationExpansion: The manga made after the anime provides much deeper looks at the characters and their stronger points to balance off their more extreme ones: Yuuji's loyalty to Kazuki and their friendship; Kazuki's admiration and encouragement for Yuuji's skill at [[spoiler:photography]]; Marie's love for her brother; Hatsune's ability to handle people in almost any situation, like in Chapter 37 of the manga where she manages to successfully chide Haya, the bipolar assistant to Yuuji's Dad for not letting Yuuji call home in a crisis.
* AllMenArePerverts : The underlying belief, ("All Boys Are Like That") though playfully toned down, of Kazuki's best friend, Chihaya Suzuhara. This enables her to tolerate and even encourage Yuuji's behavior, to the point of flashing her underwear at him.
* AxeCrazy: [[spoiler: Marie]] is possibly this in [[spoiler: Chapter 43]] when [[spoiler: she]] threatens [[spoiler: Kazuki, after she and Yuuji finally start clicking.]]
* BeadyEyedLoser: Yuuji.
* BelligerentSexualTension: Very, very Yuuji/Kazuki, though subverted somewhat by Yuuji not gladly taking those beatdowns he does not have coming, almost going {{Tsundere}} on her when she is in the wrong.
* BerserkButton: Calling Hatsune "motherly" means a Tickling Hell for whatever poor soul did so.
* CanNotSpitItOut: Yuuji can't bring himself to call Kazuki cute [[spoiler:until Chapter 40 of the manga]].
* ChivalrousPervert : Yuuji will not touch or dream of touching Nina, and despite Marie's early explanation of her role in 'punishing' him and it being for her safety as well, there are places he will never go. Unless the target is Kazuki.
* [[ClingyJealousGirl Clingy Jealous Boy]] : It appears that [[spoiler: Yuuji was, and still is, this towards Kazuki.]]
* ComedicSociopathy : Both Yuuji's intrusive, often juvenile pursuit of Kazuki, and his sister Marie's literally armed response to any and all signs of such lewdness. Possibly also Hatsune tying Marie up to stop her punishment of Yuuji, and her ignoring Kazuki's stated desire to stop her extreme efforts at matchmaking.
* {{Dojikko}} : Tojo Haya, the junior partner in photography to Yuuji and Marie's Dad. Note : A manga-only character.
* EmotionlessGirl: Marie, though in reality, her indifference hides a wish that [[spoiler:her brother would revert to being the playmate he was before puberty]].
* EpiphanyTherapy : Kazuki, when she realizes (at least in the anime's finale) that [[spoiler: it isn't that Yuuji changed into a pervert; he's just never outgrown his childish playfulness, while she herself has grown considerably more uptight and controlling]]. This leads to [[spoiler: the pair's first real steps as a couple.]]
* FailureIsTheOnlyOption : Marie, whose stated goal of controlling her brother's hormonal behavior may be attainable, but her secret goal of [[spoiler: having Yuuji back as he was before puberty, and interested only in her]] is one that can never be, even if Yuuji became a complete gentleman.
* GagBoobs : Both Hatsune and Nina
* GenkiGirl : Nina, whose manic attentions freak Marie out, to the point of almost 'punishing' her with paint balls, one of the only other people besides Yuuji to get this attention, and the only female. On occasion, Tojo Haya as well, though in her case it plays out mainly as nerves.
* GreenEyedMonster : Yuuji becomes rather sullen when he thinks [[spoiler: Kazuki has a crush on Kogorou-sensei.]]
* (Not-so-) HeroicBSOD : Put 'Kazuki' and 'break up' in the same sentence, and Yuuji becomes a stone statue of shock and despair.
* HotForStudent : The teacher, Kogorou, towards Hatsune, and Hatsune towards him, though Yuuji suspects/accuses that he feels this towards Kazuki as well. The age difference between Hatsune and Kogorou earned him [[spoiler: the title of biggest pervert in a manga poll, beating out Yuuji]]
* LittleMissBadass : Marie.
* {{Lolicon}} : Nina, whose early-bloomer bustiness freaks Yuuji out. To his credit, he regards her age as being a firm dividing line, and a point of squick. When Marie's panties are exposed at one point, his expression blanks entirely. Strangely she is only One year younger.
* LonelyRichKid : Nina's reason for being so grabby.
* TheMatchmaker : Hatsune, who at one point in the manga, even writes [[spoiler: fanfic that has an older Yuuji/Kazuki pairing, much to her sister's disgust. It is presented as though it were a real flash-forward]]. Hatsune 'knows' what her sister wants, whether she wants it or not. She even on occasion ties up Marie to stop her from 'punishing' her brother's clumsy efforts to win Kazuki.
* MegatonPunch : Both Kazuki and Marie, albeit through use of her paint-ball gun, can knock Yuuji clean across a room. Very very rarely, he can even become ATwinkleInTheSky.
* ParentalAbandonment : Both Kagura siblings feel this towards their father, whose frequent moves have made it difficult for them to make friends. He also has left curbing Yuuji's enthusiasm towards girls to his pre-teen daughter. At least in the anime, and in the manga as late as [[spoiler: Chapter 37]] none of their parents make a real showing. Nina does not resent her parents, but hates how often they are away.
* PornStash : Yuuji's spills out right in front of Kazuki.
* TheReveal : [[spoiler: Yuuji didn't suddenly turn into a pervert. Even as a little boy, he was playful. He's just never grew up, and now hormones make it obnoxious. Kazuki, it turns out, had both over-idealized her memories of Yuuji and those of herself, who used to actually enjoy Yuuji's antics up to a point. To coin a cliche, they both had some growing up to do.]]
* SecretDiary : Subverted in the anime. The pivotal diary that [[spoiler: Hatsune]] gives Kazuki is [[spoiler: her own forgotten childhood diary]] which reveals that [[spoiler: Yuuji's always been playful; teen hormones now make that playfulness obnoxious and immature, rather than cute.]] She also sees in it that [[spoiler: she herself used to be a great deal more playful, but that she has also not outgrown her childish tendency to want complete control over how things are, especially with Yuuji]]. TheReveal in this case marks a huge turning point.
* StalkingIsLove : "Isn't that proof he thinks you're charming?" in reference to Yuuji's constant perving and peeping on Kazuki.
* TimeSkip : One chapter of the manga seems to do this early on, but it turns out [[spoiler: to be merely something Hatsune wrote, pairing off a college-aged Kazuki and Yuuji.]] Kazuki is not amused.
* {{Tsundere}} : Kazuki, though only when truly provoked. Somewhat of a subversion, as very few of the blows she lands on Yuuji are examples of misplaced affections.
* TwelveEpisodeAnime : 13, really, but with a semi-firm conclusion. The manga is ongoing as of 2011.
* UnwantedHarem : Mostly subverted. Only three main characters (Kazuki, Chihaya and Nina) have even directly stated an interest in Yuuji. One is resistant to openly stating it, one is mainly teasing her best friend, and one is underaged to the point Yuuji does not consider her even a remote possibility. Marie may have an arguable brother complex. Hatsune seems to think of him more as a brother, and possible future brother-in-law. A new character in the manga is [[spoiler: Haya, a bespectacled photography assistant to the Kagura siblings' absent father. She is a bag of nerves and backhanded comments that usually deflate Yuuji to the point even Kazuki defends him. At work, she is a ridiculously stern taskmaster.]] She is, despite being hard on him, deeply grateful to Yuuji for his assistance.