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Anime: Time Bokan

4! 3! 2! 1!

A long running meta-series by Tatsunoko Production, the Time Bokan meta-series typically involves a Battle Couple, a Robot Buddy, and Mini-Mecha based off animals stopping a Terrible Trio (maybe even THE Terrible Trio) from doing misdeeds.

The first in the series was the aforementioned Time Bokan in 1975. It involved the aforementioned Battle Couple traveling through time to find a Plot Coupon and a missing scientist, while racing and going up against a Terrible Trio consisting of a Fat and Skinny male duo and a Stripperiffic female. Following this it was decided that Time Bokan would become a meta-series and each of the sequels would carry the name as a subtitle.

The second series in 1977 would become longest and arguably most memorable in the entire meta-series: Yatterman. While maintaining a similar plot as well as having and Expy of the heroes and villains, the story this time didn't involve time travel. Yatterman would eventually get a Revival in 2008, as well as a live action adaptation in 2009.

The rest of series: Zenderman, Otasukeman, Yattodetaman, Ippatsuman, and Itadakiman would more or less feature the same concept. Some series would feature time travel, and others would be set in the present day. Yattodetaman and Ippatsuman are the only two series to not have a Battle Couple but rather a titular hero fighting the antagonists. They are also the only two series to feature Humongous Mecha. Following a 1993 OVA involving the then seven Terrible Trios in a parody of Wacky Races, the eighth and final series Kiramekiman aired in 2000.

As of 2012, there are no plans to make another Time Bokan series not counting the Yatterman remake. The 1993 OVA, Time Bokan: Royal Revival, has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks for a US release.

Tropes found in most or all the series of Time Bokan:

Tropes specific for the series.

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    Time Bokan 

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    Time Patrol Tai Otasukeman 
  • Big Bad: Tomomot.
  • Fun With Palindromes: Tomomot (Lampshade by himself).
  • Living with the Villain: as Time Cop both heroes and villain living in the police Space Station.
  • Redemption Equals Death: Subverted. At the end of th series, the four villain perform a Heroic Sacrifice blowing himself up against a meterorite that is going to hit Earth. But before the explosion it can see 4 rescue ships leave the spaceship.
  • Sixth Ranger: Gekigasuki as four member in addition to the Terrible trio.
  • The Faceless: the mysterious boyfriend of Atasha.
  • Time Cop: Both the two main characters and the villainous Terrible Trio work for the Time Patrol, whose job is to prevent alterations of history. Both the trio (which later becomes a quartet) and the good guys have secret identities, the former as the Ojamaman, who try to alter history following the whims of Big Bad, and the latter as the titular Otasukeman, who always manage to put everything back in place; so that we never see the Time Patrol actually do anything.
  • Training from Hell: At the end episodes, the chief of police allows the main cast to choose randomly between the two types of training: a hard and dangerous and the other easy and enjoyable. The bad guys always end up choosing the first.
    • Throw the Dog a Bone: However, in an episode, they pick the easy training (and the heroes the other)
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Atasha has green hair.




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