A 1980 SuperRobot series by Creator/ProductionReed, followed up by a 1981 movie produced by Reed and distributed by Creator/ToeiCompany.

A distant planet called S-1 is polluted. Our hero, Marin, is a boy who escaped from S-1's crazed military dictator Zeo Gattler. Unfortunately, before he can do anything about the people trying to overthrow the evironmentalists' hard work at restoration, he is sucked into a time warp and ends up near Earth in 2100. There, he uses his ship to form part of the mighty mecha, Baldios, and joins the rebel military team called the Blue Fixers.

The finale of the series is [[DownerEnding unexpectedly soul-crushing.]] You should know that now. The entire show is downbeat in tone, but the abrupt ending was caused by the fact that it was cut off before it could have the one more season it had been planned. The small fanbase the show gathered made a large upcry about the awful ending, and in the following year, a movie with a "fixer ending" was released by Toei in the holiday season of 1981.
!!Tropes related to the series:

* AllEncompassingMantle: Gattler has a huge red one.
* BitterSweetEnding: [[spoiler: Although at the end of episode 34 Gattler's fleet is destroyed and the Earth won't become highly radioactive due to transporting a radioactive core out of the ocean, most of the planet still becomes submerged with the survivors living in an apocalyptic world. Aphrodia also goes missing.]]
* BloodKnight: Holy crap, Gattler.
* BookEnds: The lighthouse, in the movie.
* DiabolusExMachina: [[spoiler:The hero Marin and his allies can only watch as the Big Bad, Zeo Gattler, unleashes his "Final Weapon" which triggers a cataclysmic series of gigantic tsunamis that ravage the surface of the earth. The last shot of episode 32 the series is a freeze-frame of a tsunami wave, with the word "End" appearing next to it. The next two episodes are essentially scenes of other minor characters throughout the series being killed off.]]
* DownerEnding: YouShouldKnowThisAlready.
* EarthAllAlong: [[spoiler: In the movie anyway. Turns out that Planet S-1 is in fact Earth from far in the future, polluted and damaged so badly that it's become almost unrecognizable. It turns out that the inhabitants of S1 are responsible for polluting the Earth in the first place thanks to a Stable Time Loop, one which our heroes are unable to stop. Hell, they practically only learn about it after the fact, and by then, there's absolutely nothing they can do about it. There's a reason this show has a reputation for being ridiculously depressing...]]
* EpicFail: Gamujado's destruction in episode 18.
* FatalFamilyPhoto: Used in the movie.
* FrickinLaserBeams
* HumongousMecha
* MechaShow
* NeverSayDie: Used {{narm}}fully by the English dub.
* PietaPlagiarism: At the end of the movie, that is how [[spoiler:Marin holds Aphrodia]] AfterTheEnd.
* RewardedAsATraitorDeserves: Just showing sympathy to the enemy will get you brutally murdered by Aphrodia.
* SpecialAttack
** CoolSword: Pul-Saber (combination of Pulsar and Saber)
** DualWielding: Pul-Saber Dringing
** FrickingLaserBeams: Bald Beam
** RammingAlwaysWorks: Baldiroiser
** ShoulderCannon: Shoulder Cannon
** SphereOfDestruction: Thunder Crash/Flash
* SuperRobot
* TimeTravel: Serves as the main plot twist in the last two episodes and the movie.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Marin.