''Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea'', or known in Japan as ''[[ColonCancer Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation the Movie: The Pokémon Ranger and Prince of the Sea: Manaphy]]'', is the 9th Pokemon film to be released, and is the last film for the Hoenn era of the series.

A Pokémon egg is obtained by a pirate known as Phantom. Working undercover is Jack "Jackie" Walker, a Pokémon Ranger who retrieves the egg and flees. Meanwhile, Ash, May, Brock and Max meet up with Lizabeth, one of the descendants of the "People of the Water." Later, they team up with Jackie as they attempt to keep the egg safe from Phantom and his crew, and a Manaphy hatches from the egg. The little Pokémon sees May as its mother.

With a feature running for 1 hour and 45 minutes, it is currently the longest Franchise/{{Pokemon}} movie made-to-date.


!!This movie provides examples of:

%%* TheAce: Jack Walker. Probably a requisite of being a Pokémon Ranger.
* AllAnimalsAreDogs: The performing family's Buizel, which is seen licking Max once and also repeatedly plays with the Manaphy egg before it hatches.
* AmbiguousGender: Manaphy, despite it being named "The Prince of The Sea", which may lean towards a male.
* {{Badass}}: The asskicking Jackie lays down in the opening scenes is pretty ridiculous, even considering his {{Narm}}ful lines.
%%* BareYourMidriff: Lizabeth.
%%* BigBad: The Phantom.
* BigBrotherMentor: Jackie develops this kind of relationship with Ash over the course of the movie.
%%* BittersweetEnding: May & Manaphy's goodbye.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Meowth says that Diamond and Pearl would be great names for games. He gets told to wait until next season.
* CatchPhrase: Phantom repeatedly tells his {{Mooks}} that "ThereAreTwoKindsOfPeopleInTheWorld".
* TheCavalryArrivesLate: Officer Jenny shows up to arrest the Phantom after Ash defeats him.
%%* {{Character Development}}: Manaphy
%%* ChekhovsGun: The capsule that Team Rocket uses to hide from Phantom while they were following him to the Temple of the Sea.
%%* ChekhovsSkill: Heart Swap.
%%* AChildShallLeadThem: Manaphy
%%* ConspicuousCG: Even more so than the movies usually go. One of the [[Creator/PolygonPictures studios]] responsible would later do similar work in ''Anime/TheSkyCrawlers'' and also work on ''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime''.
* ContinuityCameo: Attila, Hun and Marina from ''Anime/TheLegendOfThunder'' make an appearance.
* CueTheSun: [[spoiler:Right after Ash saves the Temple]], it rises out of the water, at the same time as the sunrise.
* CuteButCacophonic: Manaphy's shrill crying and shrill voice throughout, including the scene where Manaphy cried/threw a tantrum over May's absence before it uses [[FreakyFridayFlip Heart Swap]] of course.
* ADayInTheLimelight: May, as the movie focuses on her friendship with Manaphy, similarly to how the sixth focused on Max and Jirachi.
* DesperateObjectCatch: While May and the Phantom are struggling over the container holding the Manaphy egg, its lid is pulled open and the egg flies into the air. May runs after it and dives to catch it, ending up face down on the ground.
* DeusExitMachina: Why Corphish was at the Blue Lagoon during the temple's discovery. [[spoiler:Ash saving the temple]] would have been a lot easier if he had the aquatic Pokémon at his beck and call at the time. The same could be probably be said for Jackie, who deserts the temple when he thought everyone else has gotten out of it safely.
* DisneyDeath: [[spoiler: Ash Ketchum arguably drowns, until he gets magically revived by Manaphy's Heart Swap and saves the sea Temple.]]
* EarlyBirdCameo: Chatot, Buizel, and Manaphy, all of whom are Sinnoh Pokémon.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: The Buizel acts more dog-like and less anthropic then any Buizel shown afterwards.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: It takes one scene to show how much of TheAce Jack is.
* FanficMagnet: Manaphy after the end of the movie.
%%* FreakyFridayFlip: Manaphy's Heart Swap ability.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: According to one review, the manga's take on the Sea Temple DreamSequence has May in the ''nude''; BarbieDollAnatomy probably helped get it past Viz's radar.
%%* GondorCallsForAid: Like ''Anime/{{Pokemon 2000}}'', only it's limited to water-type Pokémon, including ''[[OlympusMons Kyogre]]''. At least this time they participated in the final battle. [[CurbStompBattle Yeah, Phantom's crew is screwed...]] especially once Ash and pals smash the sonar weapons that had been keeping the Water-types at bay.
* {{Imprinting}}: May is holding the Manaphy egg when it hatches, so the baby Manaphy considers her to be its mother for the rest of the movie.
* [[LastofhisKind Last of her Kind]]: Lizabeth, one of the descendants of the "People of the Water."
* LeParkour: Ash inexplicably knows how to pull this off when [[spoiler:he was trying to save the sinking temple.]]
* LostInTranslation:
** May's "kamo" was only heard in Japanese, whereas "sweetie" and "happy" was only heard in English.
** Phantom's "Argh!" or "Yar!" and any other "Pirate Talk" was only heard in English, while The Japanese soundtrack simply had him groan for almost every sentence.
* MagicMusic: Manaphy's singing has the ability to calm water Pokémon, and allows access to the Temple of the Sea.
* MerchandiseDriven
** This movie practically advertises the Manaphy event in ''VideoGame/PokemonRanger'' and, subsequently, ''VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl''.
** Considering its title and content, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that, like the animé episodes with Solana, this movie advertised the first Pokémon Ranger game itself.
* MoodWhiplash: May's final words go from emotional to very happy in the end: "No, I'm not alright, but I will be."
%%** Including the time Manaphy uses its Heart Swap on Ash and Jackie, but Ash is momentarily confused, but he sees that Manaphy is happy, and he just smiles back, of course.
* MythologyGag: in order to stop Team Rocket from escaping with the Manaphy egg, Jackie captures a Fearow, alluding to one of the leaders of the Pokémon Rangers in the first game, who has Fearow as his signature Pokémon.
* ParrotPetPosition: Where the Phantom's Chatot is usually found.
%%* {{PetBabyWildAnimal}}: May & Manaphy.
* PirateParrot: The Phantom has a Chatot that rides on his shoulder.
%%* RevengeFic: Manaphy
* SailorsPonytail: This film is more sailing-oriented than the rest of the ''Film/{{Pokemon}}'' films, and Jack Walker sports this kind of ponytail.
* SeizeThem: At the beginning Jack Walker reveals himself aboard the Phantom's submarine and obtains the Manaphy egg that the Phantom just acquired. The Phantom tells his pirate minions to "Seize him."
* ShipTease: This movie is at the top of the list on Advanceshippers (Ash/May) for the sheer number of hints present.
* ShoutOut: Among other things, Jackie's {{flashback}} shows him wearing [[Manga/PokemonSpecial Gold's]]/[[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Ethan's]] clothes.
* SubmarinePirates: The BigBad is a pirate named Phantom who travels around in a giant submarine.
* SuperStrength: Phantom seems to have this, but it's revealed in the end that he's just wearing a [[ClothesMakeTheSuperman strength-enhancing suit]]. Which then shorts out. While he's trying to hold up a pillar so that it doesn't crush him. He lives, but ''still''!
* TalkLikeAPirate: Mercifully averted. Instead, he [[ShoutOut talks like]] [[Film/TheGoodTheBadAndTheUgly Tuco Ramirez]].
%%* TeamPet: The performing family's Buizel.
* ThereAreTwoKindsOfPeopleInTheWorld: The Phantom likes to say this oh so often, changing the actual contrast based on the current situation.
%%* TotalEclipseOfThePlot
* TotallyRadical: Pokémon Ranger Jackie talks like this on occasion.
* TwinkleInTheEye: While Jack Walker is apparently trapped aboard the Phantom's submarine, he has one of these just before his daring escape.
* ATwinkleInTheSky: While Team Rocket is fleeing on a bicycle-powered balloon, a Fearow controlled by Jack Walker pierces their balloon with its beak and sends them zooming away into the sky.
* VoicesAreMental: One of the indications that Manaphy had used its Heart Swap ability.