Anime: Miraculous Ladybug

aka: Ladybug
Buying snacks at the bakery, fighting crime, pining after boys... typical Parisian teenager!

A Magical Girl / Superhero joint effort by France's Zagtoon and Method Animation studios with Toei Animation, set to premiere in France and Belgium around September 2015 (new release date here). Was initially under the working title Miraculous.

The story is about Marinette Cheng, a high-schooler living in Paris. After inheriting a pair of magic ladybug earrings, she gains the power to become the superheroine... well, Ladybug. Her superpower is the power of Luck, if she uses it for altruistic purposes only. Joining in her adventures is a black-clothed catboy named Chat Noir (whose secret identity happens to be Adrien, Marinette's crush), a mime villain with dastardly shadow-based powers, another villain (Hawkmoth, hellbent on stealing their powers) who fights with an army of pigeons, and a mysterious elderly man with a butterfly motif.

Check out Zagtoon's page for the show here. Check out the three-and-a-half minute trailer which sparked a voracious premature fandom overnight here.

The anime has gained attention even before release for its beautiful animation and music. Little is known at the moment, other than that 26 episodes are planned, and it has a whopping budget of US$11.2 million.note  According to The Other Wiki, Miraculous Ladybug wrapped up pre-production this past April, and Adala-News says the series is expected to premiere in September 2015.

Not to be confused with Lovely Ladybug, which is a completely unrelated comic created by /co/ users.

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