Anime: Kin No Tori

Grim Douwa: Kin No Tori is an anime film from The Eighties. Mostly developed by Mad House in 1984, it wasn't released until March 1987 by Toei Animation.

Kin No Tori is an adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale The Golden Bird. In this adapation, the golden bird stands into a dead tree, which is revived into the evil witch. Hansu, the youngest of the 3 princes, pursuits a golden bird who stole one of the golden apples in his castle. The king dispatches his sons to find and capture the golden bird when Hansu presents him a feather from the bird. The princes found Ruru, a clever purple fox whom they found helpful to their quest. Hansu decides to go with Ruru while his brothers are left behind due to their lack of ability to further, and then helplessly facing a trio of cats using bat apparel that make them fly. Hansu and his partner discovers a large bird-like creature, whom they use to exit the cave. The flight took them to the witch's domain, where Hansu attempts to get the golden bird until getting caught in the process. With his brothers aside, also captured, he allows himself to be released to the witch, at the cost of putting his brother to doom. He later went to another castle, where he founds the lovely princess Rorando-hime, which is alarmed and calls the guards and her father into the scene. She soon defended Hansu and decides to be with his quest to pursuit the golden bird and to stop the witch.

This film is noted by many anime ethusiasts for its quality and style, although it was quite obscure for much others to find it. The film saw export in many countries, but it's possible that there is no English version at all.

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