Anime: Grandizer

Grandizer was an English-dubbed and significantly edited version of the anime UFO Robo Grendizer, aired as part of the Force Five syndication package in the 1980s.

It starred Johnny Bryant, a.k.a. Orion Quest. Orion was seemingly the sole survivor of the planet Antares, which had been destroyed by Vega the Strong's flying saucer squad. Spearheading the attack was the great battle robot Grandizer, which Vega hoped to use to help him bring the entire universe under his rule. But that crafty Orion stole back Grandizer and took it to Earth, where he hid the robot and assumed a human identity.

Orion Quest fought evil all on his own as well, and became a popular hero among the people. Like Superman, he had dual identities and hailed from an alien planet, which gave him greater strength and agility than his human counterparts. And also like Superman, Orion spent a lot of his time saving hapless humans from the clutches of Vega the Strong and his henchmen. Orion had a special ring that allowed him to call Grandizer to him, with a yell of "Grandizer, Go!"
This show provides examples of: