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Anime: Go Lion
aka: Golion
Let's GoLion!

One!... Plus one!... Plus one!... Plus one!... Plus one!... Go Lion!!

百獣王ゴライオン (hyakujuu ou goraion)note  is a Combining Mecha from Toei that aired in 1981. Since shows like this were a dime a dozen in Japan, it unfortunately got overlooked. But elsewhere, including America, where Humongous Mecha shows were still practically unheard of, it got recognition as the lion robot of Voltron.

The show takes place in the then-future year of 1999, and Earth has just been hit by World War III, and all the cities are nuked. Five space academy students come across the ruins, and before they even have time to grieve, they are taken as slaves by ships of the Galra Empire. They manage to escape, are nearly shot down, but are pulled in by a mysterious force from the planet Altea.

Stumbling across a ruined castle, they meet Princess Fala, the last survivor of the planet's royal family after the Galra empire ravaged the planet, and her advisor Raible. They determine that the explorers are there to pilot Golion, a robot that was unrivaled in battle thousands of years ago, but split into five lions after he tried to take on a goddess.

So the pilots form Golion, and become the protectors of Altea (including Fala herself after one of the pilots is killed), and eventually overthrow the Galra empire.

Even though the series never took off in Japan as well as Voltron elsewhere, it does have a cult following, and GoLion appeared in Super Robot Wars W.

See also Dairugger XV, Super Dimension Fortress Macross, and Super Sentai.

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alternative title(s): Beast King Golion; Go Lion
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