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Anime: Blue Gender

Yuji Kaido has been frozen since 2009 after being diagnosed with a strange and terminal illness to be awakened after a proper cure for his disease has been found. He is awakened to the year 2031 to a world that has been completely taken over by a giant insect-like species known as the Blue. He and Marlene Angel must find a way to survive onslaught after onslaught of the Blue and make it back to a space station called Second Earth, where Yuji must discover the true nature of his condition. In many ways it is a Fish out of Water plot, but without the humor as Yuji wakes up to a world completely different and is at first unable to cope with a world in which the Blue have taken over. He does quickly learn to fend for himself, but is still shocked by how the ethics, morality, values, and general outlook on life have changed so radically since his time. For example, sex is meaningless pleasure, and there's no point in forming close meaningful bonds because Anyone Can Die at any moment. There is no longer any value placed on human life as every individual human is considered expendable.

The premise is similar to that of Starship Troopers but without the campy satirical feel of the film or the political ideology of the novel. Unlike most anime, Blue Gender has very little humor and cuteness is nonexistent, though there is plenty of fanservice and other sexual moments (most of which has been censored when aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim line-up). The series generally has a very dark and cynical tone; however, the series does end with the message that humanity can live happily (Provided they live in harmony with the Earth).

The series has very in-depth character development on the parts of both Yuji and Marlene, who end up being completely different people by the end of the anime's 26-episode run than they were in the beginning.

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alternative title(s): Blue Gender
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