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Anime: Black Magic M-66

An OVA by AIC based on Shirow Masamune's short manga, released by Manga Entertainment.

Anti-personnel robots have escaped after a plane crash. Specialists and the military are called to the site of the crash, but they can't figure out why the robots would have torn out of their cases - unless they were programmed to hunt someone. The others at the scene are Sybil and Richard, two investigative reporters looking for a scoop. They soon find themselves more involved in the case than they'd like, protecting a young girl, Paris, the inventor's granddaughter...

This OVA is notable for being one of Shirow's earliest works and his mark is quite clear on it, and its great animation due to his involvement. It combines action and comedy and also takes much inspiration from Terminator.

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alternative title(s): Black Magic M 66
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