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Animation: Son of the White Horse
Based on steppe nomad legends, and the work of Arany László (based on Hungarian folktales), the eponymous Fehérlófia (Son of the White Horse), or more accurately Fanyűvő (Treetearer) is the superpowered son of a white mare.

Shortly after he's born, his mother tells him a story: long ago, there was happiness and peace as Father God and Mother Goddess ruled the world; hovewer, their sons grew restless, and wished for wives. But this soon proved to be to their ruin, as the princesses they were given became curious about that door they were never supposed to open, and unwillingly set the evil dragons free. The dragons immediately seized power over the world, killing the three brothers and taking the princesses as their wives. Only Father God escaped, but with greatly diminished power. Mother Goddess was, however, captured, while trying to escape in the form of a white mare. While in captivity, she gave birth two times, with both of her sons disappearing. When she became pregnant a third time, she was told that if this son disappears as well, the world will lose its last chance of being saved…

After the death of his mother, Fanyűvő sets out to find his similarly superpowered brothers, Kőmorzsoló (Stonecrumbler) and Vasgyúró (Ironkneader). It is up to them to overthrow the dragons' rule and bring balance back to the world.
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alternative title(s): Son Of The White Horse
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