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And The Fandom Rejoiced: Toys
Some people really enjoy children's toys...
  • Any time the Four Horsemen (no, not those Four Horsemen) are tasked with designing a new or revived line of action figures. Sculpts from both the recent Masters of the Universe and DC Universe Classics lines were their handiwork.
  • Seems to happen any time a non-knockoff company announces a production of an otherwise rare twisty puzzle.
  • This has happened a few times in BIONICLE
    • 2006: Subverted. Voya Nui - "New island, ho hum. Wait, Jaller, Hahli, Kongu, Matoro, Nuparu, AND Hewkii as TOA?!?! WANT!!"... Holy crap, they're completely unrecognizable and have terrible masks.
    • 2007: Mahri Nui - "They're going underwater? Meh - Wait, the canister sets AREN'T clones? And the bad guys look even more badass than the Piraka? AND MAKUTA IS BACK?! WANT!"
    • 2008: Karda Nui - Subverted. The Toa Nuva returning? YES!!!... Holy crap, those are awful.
      • Double Subversion: the vehicles brought back the giant, complicated BIONICLE sets with functions.
    • 2009: Bara Magna - "What? A new planet? Oh, this is gonna su - Mata Nui? AS A SET? YES!"
      • The Legend Reborn - "Meh, this looks kinda - Michael Dorn? Worf is playing Mata Nui? Squee!!!"
    • 2010: BIONICLE Stars - Subverted. A commemorative line with Tahu, Takanuva the Rahkshi and a Piraka? The classic Hau mask re-released? YES!!!... Then, once images of the sets surfaced, the rejoicing fandom quickly turned into a Broken Base, with one camp decrying the Stars as awful sets while the other camp considers their simplicity justified given the circumstances of their release.
    • The reintroduction of geared arms.
    • This doesn't just have to be about the story. The Rahkshi were the first sets to bring about one long-awaited trait: Bendable knees.
    • Although opinions are divided on whether it's a decent set or not, the release of the 2003 Makuta set was a huge thing, because it was the first official toy representation of the Big Bad. In a similar fashion, the 2009 Titan-sized Toa Mata Nui was praised for its size (fans have been clamoring for a large Mata Nui since forever) and for including an exclusive gold-colored Mask of Life, though as with the Stars, a few fans consider it a badly designed toy.
    • Then the successor line, Hero Factory brought about the revolutionary change builders everywhere had been waiting for: ball-joint sockets that don't break (when used normally, that is). In general, the building-style introduced in the 2.0 line has been very well received.
      • Hero Factory's Invasion from Below line brought about an official "piloted mechs against kaijus'' LEGO theme, with the Minifigure-scale Heroes catching the attention of even older LEGO fans.
  • Jazwares is only going to make the main characters of Sonic the Hedgehog, like usu- Blaze? Espio? Rouge? Jet? FUCKING MIGHTY? COMIC FIGURES!! Squee
    • Blaze has been deconfirmed as a figure, and there's been no word yet that this troper could find on Mighty or Comic-based figures (unless you're talking about the figures packaged with a comic, but that's completely different). On a related note, it sucks that they had to cancel their old Mortal Kombat lion before their exclusive badass Kintaro figure was released...Wait, they're making an MK 9 line, now? Classic Cyborg figures? Confirmed Kintaro figure, this time?! Just give us a Motaro figure to complete the boss set, and I'm sold.
  • Mattel's Barbie team handles their fashionista/ collector Periphery Demographic smashingly in their new Barbie Basics Collection. "Oh, another line of Barbies? Figures- wait. Actual, quality designer clothing? New male models? Adult marketing?!?"
  • OK, Hot Wheels; let's get some facts straight. I and a ton of other guys loved playing with your cars as kids, but it's 2010 and you haven't done much to show your affection to fans that have grown up...whoa, you're finally releasing a DeLorean car? And is that the Ecto-1?!
  • At Comic-Con 2011, it was leaked that Lego had re-issued the DC comics license, which was awesome by itself. One day later, it was officially announced that they in fact had one line of sets each for MARVEL AND DC COMICS! Marvel Vs Dc, Round Two!
  • Ah, Ghostbusters Minimates. These are fun, but I wish they'd do something based on the show... What? A new line of Minimates based on The Real Ghostbusters? And there will be figures of ghosts from the show?! Oh, wait, I bet it will just be Slimer and the Stay Puft... IS THAT SAMHAIN AND THE BOOGEYMAN?!
  • LEGO is releasing Lord of the Rings sets. WANT. THEM. NOW.
    • And now LEGO Minecraft has been announced. Do want.
      • The Best News For Lego Fans...Star Wars Has Been Licensed...And Renewed!
  • Man, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is awesome, but the toys are lame! I don't think they'll ever make anything worth— HOLY SHIT, TOYS OF NIGHTMARE MOON, TRIXIE, ZECORA, LYRA, AND DJ PON-3?!
  • Power Rangers toys: More Samurai, more Sam... wait Shinken-O? Bandai's importing Megazords again? The reversion Dino Megazord (the one of the few good things that came out of THAT Recut) rereleased in die-cast? New Armored Red Ranger figure?! MMPR Mask Collection? THE ORIGINAL MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER MORPHER REMADE WITH DIECAST WITH SHOW ACCURATE STICKERS AND THE BUCKLE? ALL IS FORGIVEN! ALL OF OUR MONEY!!! ACTION SATISFACTION!!!
  • Jakks Pacific's wrestling figure line WWE Classic Superstars and their Best Of WCW and ECW lines ran on this trope. Numerous good examples, and plenty of obscure people who fans never thought possible. An example of the latter was a classic Shockmaster, considered one of the worst gimmicks ever. Shockmaster was famous for botching his debut appearance, by tripping over the stage, causing his mask (a Star Wars stormtrooper helmet painted silver) to fall off, thus killing any mystery about his character. It was clear this was done entirely for the fans, and because of the Memetic Mutation of the botched video on the internet. What was surprising was that many fans thought they would never get away with the stormtrooper helmet, but they just slightly changed the design and managed it.
  • They're releasing LEGO sets to tie in with The LEGO Movie? Meh, it'll probably be — IS THAT A CLASSIC LEGO SPACESHIP? AND JOHNNY THUNDER? My wallet feels so much lighter now...
  • The Mixels fandom was thrilled when they were given the news that the third wave was not going to be the end, and the series would continue on for even longer.
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