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And The Fandom Rejoiced: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
Tetsuya Nomura's Exact Words about how "the next Dissidia: Final Fantasy game won't be in the series' current [fighting game] form" resulted in a Genre Shift that nobody could have seen coming: from fighting game, to Rhythm Game. Despite the Audience-Alienating Premise, what at first looked like a Widget Series-like weird mix turned out to avert the highly feared No Export for You (breaking a common tradition for Square Enix, with a widget no less) status for the game.

This, along with a lot of early players stating to have surprisingly good opinions about this title, triggered a chain reaction of positive feedback for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, resulted in a long series of Fandom-Rejoicing moments.

  • Surely the fact that One-Winged Angel is, for the first time, going to be heard on a Nintendo console won't hurt.
  • And the fact that it's an Elite Beat Agents esque game ALSO can't hurt. The graphics however are definitely lacking.
  • While the graphics aren't Dissidia or XIII standard, some do think they're adorable.
  • Secret characters, including Faris, Aerith, Snow and Vivi!
  • More characters announced and added to the Main Page! They are: Minwu, Rydia, Locke, Seifer, Yuna, and Ashe!
  • Chibi-fied Safer Sephiroth. You've read that right: chibi-fied Safer Sephiroth.
  • YES.
  • Cosmos is now a playable character!!
  • Nobuo Uematsu endorsed the game over twitter saying :
    "I played Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for the first time today. Not too shabby! As I remembered various things from the past 20 years, I was reduced to tears. FF music fans should definitely play it. Won't you cry with me?"
  • Not only is the game getting DLC, but the dev team hopes to release fifty songs.
  • "Somnus" is a playable field song!
  • The demo was released on the eShop... and it has unlimited uses, unlike other demos which only let you play a certain number of times.
  • It's getting a sequel with 60 characters and over 200 songs, including tracks from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

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