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And The Fandom Rejoiced: Super Mario Bros.
  • Mario Party 9? After all this time? Well if it took this long, it must be good. Oh and Koopa Troopa and Shy Guy are playable.
  • OK, yeah, we all knew there was going to be a Mario game on the 3DS, no shocke-WAITASECOND! Is that a A RACCOON TAIL ON THE LOGO!?!?!?
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2: Well, the first game was pretty good, but I feel like a sequel would pretty much just be a rehash of the fir... MARIO'S RIDING YOSHI!! DO WANT!!
    • That drill powerup is where it's at.
    • When they said that there were going to be over 240 Stars, people wondered whether it would actually be that many, or if it would be split between Mario and Luigi like the original. However, as the page image shows, Luigi is available early on and can be used instead of Mario if you choose from that point on.
      • The Green Stars (the 2nd half of the 240 stars) aren't really proper star missions, they're just hidden in the levels rather than actually being proper missions.
    • The game features a classic level from Super Mario 64.
  • The biggest bomb for the Super Mario Bros. franchise has, at long last, been dropped: user-generated Mario levels will eventually become a reality without the need to hack a game. It took them a while, but still, this possibility finally seems to be coming after all. And no, we're not talking about the Level Editor seen in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series: we're talking about the real deal!
  • A tech demo which might surface as another New Super Mario Bros. Wii for Wii U. That isn't nothing special- Wait, did you say you can play as your own Mii!?
    • It's no wonder it's called New Super Mario Bros Mii.
    • It's now a full game, titled New Super Mario Bros. U, and Player 1 can play as someone other than Mario (at least in the extra modes!)
  • People were going "It's Easy, so It Sucks" over New Super Mario Bros. Wii due to Nintendo making it the flagship game for their patented "kind code" which lets the computer take over and allows players to jump back in whenever they want. A few months later, the "kind code" (named "Super Guide" in the game) was revealed to only be available after failing a level eight times, and allowed for the developers to make the levels themselves "devilishly difficult" while still letting less-able players see the whole game. The comments have been oddly positive since, and the game (and the feature) has since been released to near universal-acclaim.
    • Meanwhile, old-school fans that were still bitter about Bowser Jr. having replaced the Koopalings became overjoyed when they learned that they would appear together for the first time ever.
      • Not just appearing together, but from the gameplay videos, but you'll fight them in essentially the same way you fought them in Super Mario Bros. 3. If that isn't the definitive Fandom Rejoice that puts all of the nostalgia freaks in their place, I dunno what would be.
    • Yoshi anyone? Shame you can't take him out of the levels he appears in, but the Super Mario World memories are more than enough for now.
  • Super Mario 3D World:
    • When the game was first announced, some fans were excited because for the first time in a quarter of a century, Princess Peach is playable in a mainline Mario title. You know what they say about payback, Bowser....
      • Not only is the Princess playable, but Blue Toad is too. This makes the roster Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Blue Toad. Sound familiar?
    • After its first announcement in E3, there has been a section of fans who were underwhelmed by the game, claiming it to be far too similar to its predecessor and lacking "real" new content that hasn't been done in another Mario game. These opinions have lightened up considerably after another trailer was shown at the beginning of October 2013 that demonstrates multiple elements unique to this game:
      • Not only is there a World Map, it is now fully explorable, allowing you to walk off the paths and even jump.
      • There's a new cherry power-up that clones you! It even copies your other power-ups, meaning you could have an army of Fire Marios throwing a barrage of fireballs.
      • The tanks from Super Mario Bros. 3 are back!
      • You can wear a Bill Blaster block as a power-up!
      • You can carry a friendly Piranha Plant to eat your enemies!
      • There's a level where you become a shadow on the wall!
      • Bowser fights you while driving a Cool Car!
      • Chargin' Chucks return! After years of being absent from the Mario series!
      • The Comet Observatory is in the game and plays some sort of role!
    • You can race against up to three other people's Miis as Racing Ghosts online.
    • Rosalina is a playable character!
    • The Goomba Shoe is back, sort of. It's more of a Goomba Skate, but it's still fun to use!
    • On a similar subject, there's going to be a full-fledged game based of the "Adventures of Captain Toad" levels!
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