And The Fandom Rejoiced / Sony

  • The European Play Station Network isn't exactly known for its PSOne Classics library. After months of teasing us by (deep breath) publishing only either obscure games ("Future Cop L.A.P.D." anyone?), Disney Licensed Games (Toy Story 2 being the only aversion of The Problem with Licensed Games), and Classics that were not mainstream titles like Spyro the Dragon (as of now un-re-released) but more like Classics in every meaning of the word (Pong, Centipede and Missile Command), and, most infuriatingly, after publishing a perfectly working version of the previously withdrawn Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back secretly (you literally got to look for it with the "search" option!) and taking it away again, all of this always being vague instead of ever answering to Classics-related questions and complaints... Maurizio Quintavalle of SCEE made a bombastic [to us, upset for the Classics] announcement in his "3rd of November 2010 Store update": "Instead of the usual list, I'd like to make a point: some of the most wanted PSOne Classics have been said to be on their way to the Store. We're working on it, although there are no known release dates given the various technical - and legal - problems that have to be taken to account." Now it's a bit pathetic to say and says a lot about the European Store, but nonetheless, BEST. UPDATE. EVER.
  • The Play Station Network got hacked? All the Credit Card data and personal info stolen? And they promised that by May 6 they'll be back? They didn't! That's it, I won't trust Sony anym- WHAT'S THAT? Free 30 days of PS+? Free games for PS3 and PSP (2 each)? Online system restored just this May 15? HELL YEAH!!! I don't care that the Store is still closed, let's get to ONLINE BATTLES, YEAH!
    • For the US and the rest of the world, sure. Japan and Asia will have it back this end of May.
  • On December 12 2012, the EU PSOne Classics selection was officially Rescued from the Scrappy Heap. As well as the previously mentioned Spyro the Dragon trilogy, we also got Um Jammer Lammy, Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.note 
  • Sony seemingly studying and learning from Microsoft's blunders with the Xbox One have paid of at E3 2013, as they trounced their competition in almost every way possible! Just listen to that reaction to the PS4's used games policy! Or the price!
  • Sony's E3 press conference of 2015, where came out swinging with three of gaming's most wanted announcements: The Last Guardian is out of Development Hell and has a release date, Final Fantasy VII is getting a modern remake, and Shenmue III is on Kickstarter (with the publicity helping it reach its goal less than a day after the announcement).
  • Oh, cool, Sony's showing off VR games. Huh, a series of X-Wing flying missions? Cool, cool. Being able to play as Prompto from Final Fantasy XV? Interesting, maybe not the main feature of the game. Hold on, is that... Is that Mark Hamill as The Joker? A Batman Arkham VR game... developed by Rocksteady? I'm close to sold, but you have to sweeten the deal, Sony! Hold on, a VR-based horror game? Well, OK. Maybe I'd consider... Why does this look like P.T.? Well, it's not Silent Hills but it does look very- RESIDENT FUCKING EVIL VII?!