And The Fandom Rejoiced: Daring Do

The initial announcement of the Daring Do film adaptations resulted in no end of trepidation among the fanbase, not helped by the fact that it led to the annual Bridleway stage adaptations being put on hold. Thankfully, a series of casting annoucements turned things around. They didn't silence all of them - we're talking about fancolts here - but it did get the fandom to rally behind Daring Do and the Quest For the Sapphire Stone and arguably make it the success that it was.

  • The first announcement to be seen as a good sign was the return of Hairerion Trot as Daring Do, which won over the majority of fans those who had discovered the character through the Bridleway adaptations. Few were disappointed by her transition from stage to screen.
  • The former Trope Namer Pigroot Cullen as the voice of Ahuizotl...Unfortunately he's semi retired to acting in one role...That role not being Ahuizotl.
  • Ellen DeJennet got this reaction as Coco Pie, though fans were less confident of her being able to pull off Chocolat'.
  • Two announcements made in the wake of Sapphire Stone's success are believed to have led to the even greater success of Griffon's Goblet: Samuel L. Mothersquawkin' Hawkson as Professor Storm Talon note , and William Featherton, who was considered perfectly cast as Ambassador Hawkwings.
  • The reveal that a shertain Shcotshpony was cast to play Daring's father...Now jossed by his retirement.
  • Pony Jay playing Commandant Rex in the radio plays. Like Hairerion Trot, his involvement in the film series led to much rejoicing. It was also something of a Base Breaker, though, especially within the Diamond Dog community (see Unfortunate Implications).
    • He will be missed.
    • Though word is they're trying to get David Haye. Even if means potentially more MGI in the movies, there are those who are saying "Yeeeeeeeess..."
  • The departure of Bravado's original actor from the film series stirred up a lot of controversy and angst among the fandom — until it was revealed that he would be replaced by Bruce Campfire. Cue screams of excitement, especially from those who had been saying all along that Bruce should have been Bravado.
  • Liam Neighson as Star Swirl the Bearded. That is all.
    • Aaaaaand that seems to have fallen through. Wonder who they will... wait... Tom Braeker you say?
  • The announcement that Nightmare Moon would have actual appearances in the Temple and Legacy films, was exciting enough; fans went wild when it was announced that Princess Luna herself had agreed to play the role.
    • Dear Celestia what a Ham.
  • Alicorn's Shadow finally being adapted into a film, after an earlier attempt was cancelled mid-production and resulted in long delays. Extra points for the announcement that much of Mareton's missing subplot from the Temple of Nightmare Moon film will be worked into this one.

Outside of the film series...
  • Polo House recently announced who would be performing the audio books for the novels: Ashneigh Fricken Ball!
  • The confirmation of a special edition pack with a copy of "Daring Do and The Gardens of Equestria", "Daring Do and The Alicorns Shadow", and "Daring Do and The Curse of the Yeti".
    • Some have noted that the books seemed to be in a random order, but many were happy that two of the rarest books in the series were put together.
  • When news was released that this past year's Summer Sun Celebration would see the release of a whopping seven new Expanded Universe books, the jubilation felt by fans was nigh-deafening. The fans were not disappointed, with seven very well-written books leading up to an amazing climax in Tinker's Seal, written in a collaboration by most of the authors involved.
  • A similar reaction was made by fans with Polo House's recent announcement of the upcoming "Tinker's Special Edition" (coinciding with the release of Alicorn Amulet), collecting the nine books referred to as the "Tinker's Series" by fans: Ruby of the Blank Village, Amber of the Smooze, Coronet Of Chaos, Minotaur's Maze, Revenant's Effigy, Tinker's Seal, Universal Cracks, and Mirror Pond, culminating in Alicorn Amulet.
  • Despite Shauna Flankery replacing Haierion Trot, the revival of the annual Bridelway plays - beginning with Alicorn's Shadow - the film adaptation had yet to be green-lighted again at the time - has pleased many Manehattenites.
  • An early example came just prior to the release of Daring Do and the Wooden Mask - pre-orders reached record numbers soon after it was announced that Herpy would be Daring's sidekick this time.
  • The fans were clamoring for a story set in a less Tomb Raider -esque location. Que Breathing Weapons, taking place in the industrial heart of Germaneigh, featuring a dark plot of abduction and unethical experimentation.
    • YMMV on that one. A lot of fans thought it was either too big a departure or too dark compared to the other books in the series.
    • On the other hand, the Greifvögel are pretty much universally loved.
  • After seeing all the love for the Greifvögel, Galatic Gospel threw the fans a bone and wrote Chemical Sister, which not only brought them back, but did so in a somewhat believable fashion!
  • The announcement that L. Heartstrings, a friend of the late Dr. Endless Dream, would be helping A.K. Yearling with their collaboration, Daring Do and the Unwound Timestream, in his place as a tribute to his memory, even in spite of the infamous Heart-Turn-Gate and Heartstrings' subsequent breakdown. Due to constant Flame Wars that will not be discussed further.