Analysis / You Say Tomato

Words on Which This Trope Commonly Occurs:

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General Examples:

  • Tomato (tomato, tomahto)
  • Potato (potato, potahto)
  • Pecan (peecan, pecahn)
  • Vase (vase, vahs)
  • Caribbean (Care-i-bbee-an, ca-Ri-bbee-an)
  • Route (roote, route)
  • Ketchup/Catsup
  • Diabetes (diabeetees, diabeetus)

Separated by a Common Language Examples:

    US and Canada vs UK 
  • Process (prahcess, process)
  • Record (recurd, record)
  • Advertisement (ad-ver-tise-ment, ad-ver-tiss-ment)
  • Disoriented/Disorientated
  • Contributed (cun-TRI-BU-ted, CON-tri-BU-ted)

    US and Canada Regional Variations 
  • Washington (Washington, Warshington)
  • Oregon (Oregon, Oregone)
  • Nevada (Nevada, Nevahda)
  • Pecan (peecan, pecahn)
  • Route 66 (Roote Sixty Six, Route Sixty Six)
  • Nuclear (nu-cle-ar, nu-cu-lar)

Letter Transposing Examples:

  • Animal/Aminal