Analysis / Write A Magical Girl Series

A 17 year old girl called Kosaki ends up in Raikoshi Academy by accident when she forgets the route to her school and drives the wrong way. When she finds out she's at the wrong school, she calls her parents and asks them to call the academy she belongs to, Shokiro Academy and tell them she wants to enroll someplace else. The conditions were worse at Shokiro. The principal, Toshikawa, gets mad at Kosaki for leaving and stumbles upon an evil spirit, Roki, born from her anger. Toshikawa is given the Broken Key, which allows her to sap the free will from people of her choosing, essentially turning them into zombies! Toshikawa enslaves the entire population of Shokiro Academy and sends them after Kosaki! Fortunately, Kosaki meets Koiru, Shiko, Teziki, Nairuke, and Korokawa and they make friends with each-other so quickly, they're best friends by day 2! The six friends stumble upon keys of their own. The Inferno Key, the Ocean Key, the Forest Key, the Cloud Key, The Galaxy Key, and the Love Key. Using the Keys, Kosaki and her friends transform into The Elemental Princesses and return the free will to Shokiro Academy's population. Toshikawa is infuriated by her loss and uses the Broken Key to transform into The Dark Queen. Who will win this battle of the elements? Find out next time!