Analysis / Vigilante Man
The woman, Ellie Nesler, 40, was being led to the witness stand after a recess in a preliminary hearing for Daniel Driver, 35, when she pulled out a small handgun. She then shot him in the back of the head, said Mike Costa, an assistant sheriff here in Tuolumne County.
The very real case from 1993 as N.Y. Times and a few other major sources reported on Ellie Nesler as she could be an example of [Martial Pacifist]. The subject of a USA Network TV Film as this is a Real Life example of Vigilante Woman and a high profile one from the 1990s. film about the case as her son is doing time behind bars for killing a man at age 25. this pin is from an SF article about her passing in 2008. The case has a [Harsherin Hindsight] when her son was arrested and serving time for curbstomping a man in the street.