Analysis: Tabletop RPG

Recommended Viewing for Tabletop Role-Players

Below is a list of recordings of quality pen-and-paper RPG sessions (podcast or video, scripted or improvisational) available on the web, that can give newcomers a feel for what this hobby is like and inspire and give new ideas to experienced players.

  • Acquisitions Incorporated: The longest-running and probably the most famous celebrity RP campaign. All episodes from season 4 onwards are a must-watch for every role-player out there, especially those who play D&D and similar games. The first three seasons are only available as podcasts, and the first one suffers from massive Early Installment Weirdness, so it's up to you whether to Archive Binge. All episodes are linked from the recap subpage.
  • The Gamers series is a different take, featuring tightly-scripted narratives both in-game and in Real Life that concern many enduring trends in tabletop role-playing.
    • The Original Movie highlights many aspects of traditional D&D play, but it is often too busy with obscure in-jokes and hasn't aged particularly well.
    • The Gamers: Dorkness Rising provides sharp commentary on more jarring issues and misconceptions about role-playing, seen both from the inside and from the outside.
    • The Gamers: Natural One is a rare case of a non-fantasy RPG movie and yet probably the best stand-alone introduction to the hobby you can give to an outsider.
    • The Gamers: Humans & Households lampoons many a custom of fantasy role-playing with surprising viciousness.
  • Tabletop had several role-playing episodes and time will tell if its RPG spinoff will land on this list.