Analysis / Sick Episode

     Different Types of Sick Episodes 
Sick Episodes will likely be played differently dependent on the type of work. The most common ways of Playing With the Sick Episode is For Laughs, For Drama, and Straight. The characters all getting sick, or several getting sick one by one can be in either version.


When Sick Episode is played straight, which is common in children's entertainment and Sitcoms, it will usually be one of these types of diseases: When the Sick Episode is played straight, it will often have one or some of these consequences.
  • The sick character gets put into bed and told to rest.
  • The sick character gets given a hot drink and/or some soup.
  • The sick character gets given medicine that they hate.
  • The sick character has an important job/responsibility and Chaos Ensues because either they attempt at Working Through the Cold and mess up, or someone else has to fill in for them and they mess up.
  • Another character (or more than one) catches the illness, often at the end, possibly resulting in Caretaker Reversal.
  • If it's a cold, expect them to be talking funny and wrapped in a blanket.
  • A fun event is cancelled or the sick character has to miss out because they are sick.

Played for Laughs

When the Sick Episode is played for laughs, it will generally have either a Malfunction Malady or people messing up in an attempt to fill in for the sick character's responsibilities. Also, if sneezing is a symptom, expect lots of sneezes of doom. Sometimes the sickness is just a subplot which may be about trying to Find the Cure, and sometimes the sickness comes in at the end when a character who was Playing Sick actually gets sick due to Laser-Guided Karma.

Played for Drama

When the Sick Episode is played for drama, the character is usually in danger of either dying or paying a very serious price like going blind. They might have to go to hospital, and it might be some sort of sci-fi or fantasy disease. Expect a Fetch Quest to Find the Cure.