Analysis / Shallow Parody

Perhaps claims of this trope should be retired?

Most people who claim that this trope is being used are either unhappy that something they like is being made fun of or care too much about specifics and semantics. The MLP example ignores how the Brony fandom is easier to make fun of than the show itself for outsiders, so why would they make fun of the show itself? The Real Ghostbusters example, for this troper, doesn't work because aside from their love of pizza, there really wasn't anything notable about the late 80s/early 90s Saturday morning Ninja Turtles. It's obvious that they weren't realistic takes on ninjas, so what else could there be to make fun of? Perhaps that fact I just pointed out, but still though. There are so many other examples on the page that, if you looked at them with logic rather than fan butt-hurt brain, people would realize that there are much worse things than so-called shallow parodies. Can't we just enjoy things for what they are? Oh, wait, this is the internet, so apparently not.