Based on observation, most semes...
* Are taller than the Analysis/{{Uke}}, most often OneHeadTaller.
* If they wear glasses, they will be square.
* If male, will look more masculine.
* If female, will look more feminine.
* Have smaller, narrower eyes.
* Stronger, physically and (sometimes) mentally.
* Have a deeper-pitched voice.

And during the act, most semes...
* Are upward in position of their body in proportion to the {{Uke}}.
* Grit their teeth.
* Pant less.
* Blush less profusely.
* Sweat more compared to the {{Uke}}.
* Have their eyes open most of the time.
* Will look directly at the {{Uke}}.
* Is the one kissing.
* Hold the {{Uke}} in place.