Analysis / Scunthorpe Problem

Surely this page should be called "****ysis? :-)

Strings of letters that often lead to words being wrongly censored.

  • a-s-s: By itself, this spells "ass", which can mean "butt", so it became a cuss word. However, the string of letters is fairly common, appearing in words such as "class", "mass", "assess", "embarrassment", and "assassinate". As you can imagine, the word "buttbuttinate" is hard to take seriously.
  • h-e-l-l: By itself, it spells "hell", which some people believe is a place that spirits go when they die if they were bad and is a mild swear word. However, the string of letters appears in the word "shell" and in the word "hello", which is a common greeting.
  • n-i-g-g-e-r and n-i-g-g-a: By themselves, they are the infamous "N-word", a racial slur against black people. Thankfully, these strings of letters aren't very common but they can cause trouble if you're trying to write "snigger" or "niggardly".
  • t-w-a-t: By itself, this spells a profane insult, which can cause trouble as many words, most often surnames or place names, are a word ending in "t" followed by "water" as one word.
  • c-u-m: By itself, this is a vulgar word for semen, derived from the use of the verb "come" to mean having an orgasm, but the string of letters crops up in the word "document".
  • c-o-c-k: "cock" can mean penis and is considered a swearword, but there's also the word "cocky" meaning not cautious enough and "cock-a-doodle-doo" which is what a rooster says.
  • t-i-t: Spells "tit", which is an offensive word for breast, but also appears in words like "substitute", "constitution" and "prostitute" (which, admittedly) is sexual, but not a swear word.
  • s-t-f-u: On its own, it means nothing but is a rude acronym for "shut the fuck up", but causes trouble in words with a "st" on the end followed by "ful", such as "lustful", "boastful", "restful" etc.

Words that are only swear words some of the time.

One famous comedian described these words as "partly filthy". They are words where only one meaning is profane, which can lead to wrong censorship.
  • "bitch" can be an insult but can also mean "female dog".
  • "cock" can mean "penis" but can also mean "rooster".
  • "ass" can mean "butt", but it can also mean "donkey".
  • "tit" can mean "breast" but it can also mean a type of bird.
  • "hell" isn't swearing if you're talking about the legendary place.

Words that aren't curses, but might be censored due to meaning.

  • Religious words: words like "sin", "devil", "Satan", "God", "Christ" and "Jesus".
  • Drug/drinking-related words: such as "marijuana", "cocaine", "drug", "weed", "coke", "dope", "Mary Jane", "high", "wasted", "drunk", "beer", "alcohol", "wine", "cigarette", "whiskey" and "tequila",
  • Sexual words: such as "penis", "testicles", "rape" "dildo", "vulva", "vagina", "horny", "masturbation", "sex", "pornography" and "virginity". Words for sexual orientations such as "bisexual", "lesbian", "gay", "homosexual", "heterosexual" and "asexual" might also be censored.
  • Words for dark topics: such as "war", "Nazi", "suicide", "murder", "die", "kill", "death", "homicide" and "slavery".