Analysis / School Bullying Is Harmless

School bullying is not harmless. It's real, it's mean, and can be very harmful to those whom it happens to. So why does this idea persist? Perhaps, like any trope, it's because there is truth within certain aspects of it. For example, it is true that bullying doesn't just happen for no reason. Bullies are insecure, and may have been bullied in the past. Their reasons for bullying are very real in their mind, even if they can't fully express them. But no matter what the reason, bullying is wrong, and is not a problem that can be solved easily. It is also a view of adults looking back on childhood with rose-colored glasses, wishing for their youth back and therefore forgetting or justifying to themselves that certain aspects "weren't so bad" when they actually were. The same thinking fuels Best Years of Your Life which is a nostalgic fantasy of aging adults who dream of a time before bills, gray hair, and raising children of their own.

Perhaps this shows up because of a false idealism, or a simple misunderstanding on the part of the people who express this in media and work it into shows or other works. With bullying in the news much lately, this is disappearing in part in favor of a more accurate portrayal of bullying and how to handle it and rightly so. Unless it disappears entirely, though, it's important to remember the truth. Bullying hurts, and there are real things that can be done about it. Those that are buillied or teased can seek safety in numbers, learn to clearly express themselves, and if needed, seek the help of an adult they trust, one they know won't just dismiss their problems, even if it's only to have a comforting ear and help them through.