Analysis / Scandal

Scandal is a Deconstructor Fleet to political dramas.

Even in a harsh society, no one is doomed to victimization

A woman who in most series would be casted as a designated victim (being in a situation which casts prejudice upon her, as a black woman having an affair with a politician) proves to be the second most powerful person in the show. Not only escaping victimization herself, she helps other designated victims to be free and they gain in power together, forming a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits.

Ethics depend on people, not on parties and stereotypical roles

There is no doubt that there may be a few bad apples over in Washington, D.C., like Cyrus. And Mellie. And Andrew. And Verna. And Hollis. And Elizabeth...anyway. But they're not corrupt because they're affiliated with the Republican party, otherwise characters like Fitz (arguably) and Susan Ross (who is basically the moral compass of the show) would be evil as well. That being said, the Corrupt Politician stereotype may be true because characters like Cyrus and Andrew are evil because they are in the pursuit of power, but it would also have to be taken account the multitude of characters who are politicians and aren't corrupt, like Fitz and Susan and David.