Analysis / Ron the Death Eater

Ron the Death Eater is when an audience member hates a character so much they are willing to portray him as evil in story or artwork.

The most basic explanation is that somebody looks at a hero in a dark light by emphasizing their negative qualities. It's easy to forget that villains are also subject to this trope, as somebody can dismiss a Tragic Villain's problems as Wangst and want to send them to the gallows because they kicked a hundred dogs, even though they were forced to.

Common examples as to how a character can be demonized are as follows:

The problem with this trope is that the definition sounds simple, but the execution is critical. Anybody can make out a character to be even more wretched or stupid than what canon depicts them, but those are usually reserved for message board tirades. It requires somebody to go the extra step and write a fanfiction or any type of interaction that displays that character in a dark light. The trope's core mandates that a character be written horribly in the interest of telling a story, but because most fans of fiction prefer looking at characters or stories they like, this doesn't happen nowhere near as much as, say, Emperor Evulz eating ice cream at a piazza. Thereby, confusion is guaranteed to happen.

Any negative description of a character is simply exhibiting that the audience member doesn't like that character. To display true disdain lies in a manifesto in which everybody else in the show can't stand them.