Analysis / Riddle School

Upon release, the first game was met with positive reception, and requests for more games followed, with Jonbro obliging and creating Riddle School 2 & 3. After requests for a fourth got to be too much, Riddle School 4 was released as a joke. The day after, Riddle School 5 was released, which explained the fourth game's shortness and was supposed to have concluded the series.

Even though Jonbro had no plans to make more, he eventually gave in to fan requests and made Riddle Transfer, which was supposed to be the start of a Sequel Series. Unfortunately, Jonbro suffered creative burnout after that and cancelled all the games after Riddle Transfer 1. However, probably as a cause of seeing how many people love this series on youtube, he gave in and made one more, final game - Riddle Transfer 2.