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If you are from another country, please feel free to put in your own stereotypes.
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  • Labor Party: There are two relevant stereotypes.
    • Socially conservative proletarian union-member that only wants more welfare handouts and hasn't realized that Marxism is wrong. Will go on strike at the slightest provocation. Is a closet racist. Against gay marriage and trans rights until supporting them suddenly became trendy. This stereotype is typically directed towards the ALP's Union base.
    • Politically correct Ivory-tower pseudointellectual with A Degree in Useless that still believes that Language Equals Thought and dreams of being a Platonic Philosopher-King. Latte-sipping Francophiliac Foucault-loving intellectual snob that looks down upon the lowly workers yet uses them for political gain. Probably gay or bisexual, likes visiting art galleries and secretly is ashamed of Australia's alleged lack of culture. This stereotype is typically directed towards the ALP's supporters in the academic left, as well as wealthier persons that vote for the ALP.
  • The Coalition: There are two relevant stereotypes.
    • Inner-City Big Business Corrupt Corporate Executive worker-exploiting heartless capitalists. May or may not be religious or racist, but will exploit people's religious or racial sentiments in order to win elections. Frequently complain about how the media favours the Left, while reading one of several papers published under Murdoch's NewsCorp. This stereotype is typically directed towards the Liberal Party (one of the members of the Coalition).
    • Rural redneck religious racist protectionist pork-barrel-loving subsidy sluts. Broadly similar to the rural religious right of the American Republicans, but with less emphasis on religion and more emphasis on subsidies and protectionism. This stereotype is typically applied to the National Party (the other member of the Coalition).
  • The Greens: Drug-addled nature-worshipping anti-industrial anti-capitalist homosexuals that want us all to return to the caves and hold hands around the (communal!) fire and sing "Kumbaya" together. Ignore anything bad committed in the name of Islam because Muslims are brown and it's racist to criticise brown people, even though Muslims have opposing views on pretty much everything.
  • The Christian Democrats, The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers, One Nation, The Liberal Democrats and Family First parties:
    • Too right-wing, even for the Coalition. Frequently play the freedom card whenever they're called out for being racist, sexist, homophobic or just downright intolerant of Australians who aren't any of the above. Couldn't give a damn about domestic violence or animal cruelty unless an ethnic group they hate is committing the deed. Anti-Islamic group The United Patriots Front almost became a party, but missed the deadline for application, presumably because they were too busy chanting "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie" outside places where a Muslim was spotted.


    Costa Rica 
  • Citizens Action Party (PAC): Bourgeois Bohemian and self-appointed guardians of the Ethics that think everyone else (but them) is corrupt, basically the progressive intellectuals from the University and their New Age eco-nuts animal rights hippie students with an especial taste for using sandals and smoke weed, and/or middle class Champaign socialists that left PLN when turn out to be too much mainstream, totally pro-abortion, pro-gay rights, pro-immigrant and probably soon pro-legalization because all of that is, you know, very hipster.
  • National Liberation Party (PLN): the classical Corrupt Politician and Corrupt Corporate Executive lead the party, its followers are really really fanatic people that endorse the party because their grandpa once fought in the Civil War 70 years agonote  and/or because they themselves are expecting to receive something in exchange for their support and/or government bureaucrats selected for the job because they were party members or related to some minister. They love the party more than anything else and are willing to shamelessly vote for its candidates even if is public knowledge that they’re crooked.
    • Same description can be use for the different Calderonista parties like Social Christian Unity (PUSC) and the Republican Party (PRSC), just a little more conservatives than the average PLN follower and much more loyal considering that they’re very very few now. They act mostly as a Fox News Liberal to the PLN as they oppose everything the PLN does, just to agree with them at the end.
  • Libertarian Movement (ML): filthy rich Upper-Class Twit whose primordial goal is to eliminate the State and let the rich rule in some sort of Neo-Feudal system with the Guevara family (the overlords of the party) ruling over Puntarenas as their personal playground, they seem obsess with helping the rich became richer and cut social programs for those lazy poor at the same time they’ll try to eliminate taxes for the hard-working Corrupt Corporate Executive. Thinking that the State is the incarnation of all evils and every single government employee is an idle bastard that sleeps all day and has a millionaire’s salary is mandatory as it is to hate everything public, ESPECIALLY the public universities. Also to some degree anti-immigrants, anti-animal rights and deeply anti-unions.
  • Broad Front (FA): some sort of Chummy Commies, the party is basically made of Old School Communists that miss the USSR, sandal-using non-worker students from public universities living on their State-funded scholarships, corrupt trade union leaders and government bureaucrats, scary stone-throwing protesters and Venezuela’s admirers. Unlike the more pacifist hippies of PAC, the frenteamplistas do encourage hard-line protest, strikes, road blockages, throwing stones and burning flags, hate everyone who oppose them as fascist pigs and every single criticism is some sort of hate campaign endorse from the Right and/or a Government Conspiracy supported by the USA. They’ll have Hugo Chavez’s picture in their homes probably with flowers and use Che Guevara’s t-shirts while buying food at McDonald's after burning American flags in the latest protest.
  • Costa Rican Renovation and National Restoration: a bunch of Jesus Freaks known in Costa Rica as "panderetas" note , Knight Templar Christian fundamentalists hate mongers, anti-abortion, anti-Gay, anti-atheist and even anti-Rock music, the media's favorite Politically Incorrect Villain.

  • Vasemmistoliitto (Left Alliance) : Old union members and communists who go on strike and support conservative working class values. The others in the party are [1] and [[Granolagirl]] who study in university. Champagne socialists. Violent militant anarchofeministantifascists are a tiny group in this party. Supporters of open border -politics.
  • SDP (Social Democratic Party) : Union members with conservative values, pensioners, white-collar workers, hypocrite alcohol restrictors. Supporters of open border -politics.
  • Vihreät (The Green) : Young urban liberal craft beer -sipping bobo hipsters with academic degrees. Pot-smoking -hippies. [[Granolagirl]]s. Capitalists with too liberal and green values to be in Conservatives. LGTB
  • Keskusta (The Centre) : [2]s, Rural Christian fundamentalists with 10 children, [3]s who want to ban beer from supermarkets, Big Farmers
  • RKP (Swedish People's party) : Swedish-speaking minority, who want to keep Swedish as a mandatory school language. [4], golf-playing elites who live in big white houses by coast. Supporters of open border -politics.
  • Kansallinen Kokoomus (National Coalition) : [5]s, idiots who don't know their own opinion, golf-playing highly educated upper-middle classes, small entrepreneurs, young people who want to evade taxes and worship [6], wealthy feminists and LGTB.
  • Kristillisdemokraatit (Christian Democrats) : Sionism, anti-abortion, anti-alcohol, anti- video games, anti-evolution, anti-fun, anti-LGTB. [7]s, former- and closet alcoholics.
  • Perussuomalaiset (The Finns) : Fat and unintelligent sausage-eating and cheapest beer -sipping blue-collar workers, [8], violent misogynists and homophobics, people worried about mass immigration from Syria, Christian immigrants, [9], paleoconservative highly educated patriots who idealize the values of 1930s Europe.
  • Piraattipuolue (Pirate Party) : Pot-smoking freak geeks who have degrees in Liberal Arts or Computer Programming, crackheads and right-libertarian loonies, young people who want to buy alcohol in midnight from every supermarkets and kiosks, anti-copyright
  • SKP (The Finnish Communist Party) : Old grey-haired Stalinists who still think it's 1960s and young urban rich utopists.

  • Front de Gauche (Left Front) : Old union members that hate the rich, go on strike on any occasion, and stubbornly oppose any modernisation of the economy. Secretly want a communist state.
  • Parti socialiste - PS : Utterly incompetent people that never do what they say they would once in power, which means, in practice, they're Not So Different than the UMP. Disgruntled public workers that keep stupidly "voting usefully", LGBT folks that want kids at all costs, teachers that corrupt children's minds, hypocritical progressive urban upper middle class, and other people that aren't bothered by the gargantuan size of government and/or the economical status quo.
  • EELV (The Greens): Urban Bourgeois Bohemian Cloudcuckoolanders that pretend to care for the environment while taking expensive trips abroad.
  • UDI-Modem : Economical elites/western peasants that still believe hard in the European Union despite all austerity policies. Also, they still blindly want to be allies with the UMP, despite those being gone so far to the right (see below).
  • Union pour un Mouvement Populaire - UMP : Old xenophobic, homophobic, security-obsessed, dishonest, hypocritical Catholics and/or neoliberal capitalist friends of big business. Often opportunistic to the point of seemingly having no convictions besides being Sarkozy fanboys, and may sound just plain ridiculous from time to time. Are blind to the many corruption scandals/questionable political maneuvers that affect their favourite party.
    • PCD : Fundamentalist Catholics that are homophobic to the point of clinical insanity. Also, want to control women's bodies and hate anything that isn't Christian.
  • Front National - FN : Racist, reactionary white trash that utterly hate any kind of immigrants (but especially Muslims and Roma), the EU, and the euro. Want death penalty reinforced with a police state to boot. May be secretly antisemitic, or at least be conspiracy theorists. They find nothing to say about all the horrible things Jean-Marie Le Pen said, and despite voting for a woman, they're quite sexist.


  • Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP): Conservative right-wing coalition who pretend that the 900milion+ Hindus are a persecuted minority. Keep making excuses for the caste system, are more interested in rewriting textbooks on coming to power than in actually governing. Try to present themselves as moderate fascists compared to the extreme fascist Shiv Sena (SS) and Rashtriya Seva Sangh (RSS) which it frequently forms coalitions with, which to be fair might be true. The BJP want to make India a Hindu Democracy with the Muslims and Christians offered only little say in rights and representation, the SS and RSS want to make India a Hindu theocracy with women and untouchables in their place and other religions backsliding back into the Hindu religion their ancestors were forcibly converted from, obviously.
  • Indian National Congress (INC): Centrist-liberal-socialist party, led by and for, an elite of limousine liberal Entitled Bastard who attend the best private schools in India and abroad while wearing khaki clothing to prove that they aren't the ivory tower Western elites that they are. Extremely corrupt, obsessed with preserving the dynasty of their previous leaders, keep talking about the BJP's role in anti-Muslim pogroms while never fessing to their responsibility in anti-Sikh pogroms. Even supporters who vote for them wish they had an actually liberal party to vote for.
  • Aam Admi Party (AAP): Take the Tea Party, Ralph Nader's spoiler Green party campaigns, add in tons of incompetence and Cloudcuckoolander, and you have these guys. Keep riding waves on populist fervor about giving lower-caste votes and challenging the major two parties. They win elections but then Rage Quit on coming to power.
  • Communist Party of India (CPI): Anti-US party who unironically invoke names like Lenin and Stalin, and missed the boat at the end of the Cold War to jump ship and rebrand themselves as social-democrats to appeal to middle-class urbanites. Won't stop talking about the high literacy rates of Kerala.


  • Likud-Beitenu:
    • Likud: Impoverished, ignorant, Mizrahi ne'er-do-wells; probably at most twice removed from some kingpin criminal family; worship power and corruption which they view as the natural state of things, as long as they're not the victims thereof; racist; oppose the concept of human rights on a matter of principle; think entirely in terms of government propaganda; would still vote Likud, like their father and grandfather did before them, even if it was headed by a goat.
    • Yisrael Beitenu: All Russian stereotypes apply automatically. Also: Ultra-right-wing, racist trigger-happy sociopaths, secretly wish they were living in a dictatorship, mentally stuck in the '90s, think the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could and should be solved with a couple of thermonuclear warheads, have a poster of party head Lieberman which they salute every morning right after they get out of bed.
  • Yesh Atid: Twentysomething mainstream tools with delusions of political awareness and no clue; fight for their favorite cause by 'liking' it on Facebook; think that them having to settle for a less shiny Mercedes is a national-scale issue; allergic to decisive, tangible opinions about things, let alone facts; think they personally define what being an Israeli really means; equally resent Arabs, Haredim, settlers, left-wing people, right-wing people and anyone with the audacity not to shut up and be like everyone else; bandwagon-jumpers; suckers; sheeple.
  • Labor: White Ashkenazi kibbutznik pensioners, shamelessly reveling in having most of the privilege and longing for the days they had ALL of the privilege; like to talk about the peace process a lot even though they have no idea what they would do with one if they caught up with it; half the things they think, say and do are for the sole purpose of spiting Likudniks, and the other half is based on a deep-seated delusion that they know anything about economics; condescending, think people who disagree with them are just poor misinformed fools; wannabe revolutionaries; ardent believers in having your cake and eating it too; miss the good old days when Israel had a 120% income tax; quietly resent the downfall of communism.
  • The Jewish Home: Religious messianic nuts dancing in shorts and sandals around an abandoned hill somewhere deep into disputed Judea & Samaria territory, carrying a loaded M-16 rifle, singing "Take counsel together, and it shall be brought to nought", shooting random passer-by Palestinians, sucking on the government's teat while giving it the finger.
  • United Torah Judaism: Religious orthodox nuts dancing around a burning trash can in the Me'a Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem, singing something incomprehensible in Yiddish, spitting on six-year-old girls for not dressing modestly enough, shouting "Gevald!!!" and "Shabbess!!!" and throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at the police, sucking on ALL the government's teats while sticking their finger in its eye and openly opposing the existence of the state it's governing.
  • Shas: See United Torah Judaism. note 
  • Meretz: Filthy rich, self-important, 7-on-the-Kinsey-scale, "artist type" hipsters with a BA in gender studies and no day job who sit all day sipping latte and eating sushi in 'trendy' places in Tel Aviv while holding conversation in vacuous, convoluted, self-important academese about "the occupation"; hypocrites who talk about "human rights" to conceal their complete and total support of any force opposing western civilization; think any position right to theirs in the ideological spectrum is fascism and use their nigh-complete stranglehold on the mainstream media to spread propaganda to that effect.
  • Hadash: Arabs, Communists, and Arab Communists.

  • Partito Democratico: a bunch of self-righteous post-communist straw-leftist/former centrist bureocrats who might or might not be just a foil to Silvio Berlusconi's existence, except for the current Prime Minister and Party's General Secretary, Matteo Renzi, which is definitely a young clone of Silvio Berlusconi himself. They love putting hidden taxes everywhere while claiming to lower them. Their party has less criminals than Forza Italia, but it doesn't really matter since they just hate governing, and will do everything to lose even the most easy-to-win election (or to spoil the result by dropping in parlamentary consensus immediately afterwards).
  • Forza Italia: former criminals claiming to be honest centrist while they are really just modern money-thirsty fascists. The party is really just a way to give Silvio Berlusconi, the all-mighty party leader, another opportunity to avoid his trials and steal even more, and to give his companions a way to power. They hate Europe for no real reason and want to restore the Lira (Italy's former currency). Their political campaigns are wildly populistic. They always promise liberal reforms, lowering of taxes and "more democracy", while secretly want to put up a totalitarian state held by Berlusconi and ban all judges from existence. Probably also free-masons.
  • Movimento 5 Stelle: All-hating Hive Mind, entirely composed of incompetent simpletons who might or not be aware of being controlled by a former all-hating comedian Beppe Grillo (who is acutally a puppet for Gianroberto Casaleggio), who doesn't really know anything about state-managing except that yelling and cursing is a good way to make a point. The party claims to be the only real democratic force in Italy, while Grillo is strongly implied of being Benito Mussolini's new host. Known for expelling people from the party for no real reason other than believing in free-speech.
  • Lega Nord: All-hating Hive Mind, entirely composed of incompetent simpletons, but only of northern descent. Also racists.


    New Zealand 

  • Norwegian Labour Party: Workers, Bureaucrats and Champagne Socialists who want to put a tax, ban or restrict everything while they would rather not have other political parties exist at all. Have a mutual love-affair with the oil industry and wants to put an oil rig in every home. Secretly racist. Either loves or hates the European Union.
  • Conservative Party: Upper Class Twits who loved the good old days when women couldn't vote, strikers were locked up and everyone were Christian. Secretly racist. Loves the European Union and would rather want Norway ruled from Brussels. Either old bankers who think 'poor' means 'stupid moocher' or student who have never had a real job and uses their parents' money to buy designer clothes.
  • Progress Party: Rednecks, welfare-recipients and rich people who only want cheap liquor, zero taxes and who hates immigrants and muslims. Openly racist. Drives over to Sweden to buy liquor, meat and tobacco. Thinks they are for the Common Man while hating homosexuals, non-Norwegians, people on welfare, public workers and farmers. Hates the European Union. Recently sold-out to the Conservative Party, and are the party Anders Behring Breivik was once a member of.
  • Christian People's Party: Crazy southern Christians and house-wives who thinks gays, abortion and atheism is evil. Alternatively crazy muslims who think gays, abortion and atheism is evil. Secretly racist. Doesn't care about the European Union as long as it isn't atheist.
  • Centre Party: Redneck farmers who would side with anyone as long as it keeps the tariffs and agricultural subsidies up. Wants to kill all predators, but particularly wolves. Have participated in both right-wing and left-wing governments. Secretly racist. Thinks the European Union is worse than Satan.
  • Liberal Party: Right-wing Liberal middle-class hippies who love immigrants but hates getting votes. Used to be a major political party, but struggle with getting 4% these days. Not racist. Loves the European Union.
  • Socialist Left Party: Champagne-sipping socialist hippies who have never had a real job and wants immigrants to outnumber ethnic Norwegians by 2016. Hates the economy, industry and prosperity. Hates Christians but loves Muslims. Hates the European Union.
  • Red: Old communists who have abandoned armed revolution for latte-sipping pacifism and students in Che Guevara t-shirts who have never had a real job. Carries around small pictures of Mao, while decrying everyone else as authoritarians. Loves immigrants and islam, but hate Christians and ethnic norwegians. Hates the European Union.
  • Green Environmental Party: Bunch of hippies who wants everyone to recycle electric apparatuses, end the oil industry (and any other industry) and live of berries and leaves. Wants everyone to knit their own socks, become vegetarian and hates progress and technology. Somehow managed to get an MP in 2013, despite no-one having heard about them before.
  • The Democrats: Racists who think the Progress Party are a bunch of immigrant-lovers, and would rather abolish all taxes but still increase the government budget. Claim they aren't racist but are utterly unable to hide it.
  • The Christians: Christian Fundies who think the Christian People's Party are for homo-loving atheists, and would rather everyone go to church every day and gays be flogged on the street. Openly racist.
  • Coastal Party: Pissed-off northerners who only care about fishing quotas and keeping the country white. Hates the European Union.
  • Communist Party of Norway: Pensioners who yearns for the days of World War 2 when they killed nazis and had a semblance of popular support. Wants to have the state run everything, ban all other parties and change the flag into the Soviet flag. Hates the European Union, but not as much as NATO.
  • Liberal People's Party: Ultra right-wing middle class students who have read Atlas Shrugged and wants to privatize everything and legalize heroin. Hates the European Union.
  • Pirate Party: Kids who never get off their computers and only cares about being able to download movies and games. Have no politics beyond being able to do that.

  • A caveat: note 
  • Lakas-Kampi (Christian Democrats)- party who are too in cahoots with President Gloria Arroyo. Also seen as pro-US.
  • Nacionalista (Nationalists): Too anti-poor but at least more reluctant to be pro-American. But generally pro-US still.
    • They were the original "traditional politicians"—the Nacionalistas were the dominant, if not only, party in power during the American colonial era. Dissenting factions formed the Liberal Party in 1946 and became their main rivals at the elections—not that they significantly disagreed on much of anything. Pre-1972 the Nacionalistas often earned the reputation of being elitist, old-school, Spanish-speaking landowners and lawyers with Blue Blood pedigrees going back to the Spanish regime.
    • To the extent that the Nacionalistas were anti-American at all, they were only so mainly because they wanted the Americans to clear out of the country—so that the Nacionalistas themselves could seize absolute power over the national electorate.
  • Liberals: Effectively a Cult of Personality surrounding the Cojuangco-Aquino family, sire of a mother-and-son tag team of former Presidents. note  Disproportionately obsessed with yellow ribbons. Ripe targets of criticism for so-called "Noynoying" (planking), as well as for incessant moralizing whilst letting the quality of public administration deteriorate. Finally, also the go-to party for "necropolitics" and "sympathy votes"—that is, their candidates' campaigns get a boost from deaths in the family, particularly deaths of politician relatives seen as Too Good For This Sinful Republic. The Aquino family are the Ur-Example; two Aquinos have become Presidents largely out of public sympathy for their loved ones' deaths. Another is Leni Robredo, who was convinced to run for Congress (and eventually thr vice-presidency) as a Liberal after her husband, the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, died in a plane crash.
    • Also infamous for condoning President Aquino's vindictive war on anything and everything linked to his predecessor, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. So much so that Noynoy's government put a freeze on every project initiated during Gloria's term—up to and including effective projects, like flood control. The remnants of the party also appear to be hellbent on trying to remove his successor Rodrigo Duterte at every opportunity—that is, those who didn't jump ship to his ruling coalition, PDP-Laban.
    • Before 1972 they were the slightly more corrupt and pro-American party. "Slightly" is the operative word; they disagreed with the Nacionalistas on very little else. note  As for their own membership, Liberals acquired the reputation of being elitist, old-school, English-speaking lawyers with more Americanized education. Note the similarity of the description to that of the Nacionalistas.
  • Nationalist People's Coalition - party of Eduardo Cojuangco and many prominent businessmen. Lacks any principle.
  • United Nationalist Alliance - Party of Joseph Estrada. Pro-poor they claim.
  • National Unity Party - defectors from Lakas-Kampi. The less said of them the better.
  • New Society Movement - the party of Marcos. Seen as fascists, but if you are from the northern Philippines, consider them to be the real party of the people.
  • LDP (People's Democratic Struggle) - too traditionalists, the only claim to it that it opposed Ferdinand Marcos.
  • Bangon Pilipinas (Rise Philippines) - considered as reliable, even though the leader was a fundamentalist Christian ex-activist pastor.
  • Akbayan - Social Democrats. Hated by other Leftist groups for joining the ruling clique of the Liberals, essentially making them the Filipino version of champagne socialists.
  • Bayan Muna - again, Social Democrats. Consider Akbayan as too "centrist" and accuse them of having sold out to the Liberal establishment. The rest of the political arena considers the party as a Commie sockpuppet. Often to be seen rallying outside the U.S. embassy in Manila. Claim that every sitting President is openly in cahoots with the United States, hence any and all variations on the "Ibagsak ang U.S.–'X' regime!" ("Down with the U.S.–'X' Regime!", where "X" = name of the incumbent President).
  • Communists - oh, there are many of them. The main communist faction is Maoist and is considered as insane. It's formerly pro-Moscow faction is unheard of. The new Marxist-Leninist Party of the Philippines may be forgiven for breaking with the main Communist party, but is considered as thugs. Naturally, all of them are banned.
  • Sanlakas - basically like the other three aforementioned parties, but largely independent. Will ally with them only if they had common enemy to hate.
  • Buhay Partylist - a small party with delusional aspirations to reinstate Catholic theocracy across the nation. Their name ("Buhay" = "Life") refers to their pro-life stance; their candidates are extremely anti-abortion (which is illegal in the largely Catholic country anyway), but also oppose even artificial contraceptive methods, and try to ban these in local jurisdictions where their candidates hold power.
  • Moro Islamic Liberation Front - a break away faction of the Moro National Liberation Front. Generally seen as ruthless terrorists who take people hostage, and attack people without warning, with a determined goal of creating a separate Islamic nation from the Philippines. Also no relation to Stacy's Mom.
    • The same stigma applies for other Islamist fronts like the abovementioned Moro National Liberation Front (which came before) and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (which came after).

  • Civic Platform: Unprincipled centrists who will say absolutely anything to stay in power. They break every single promise they make but still get elected by blinkered, contented middle-class types who don't really want change.
  • Law and Justice: Radical conservatives who would probably have gay people flogged publicly if they ever got into power and act as if Communism had never ended. They constantly claim to be defending freedom and democracy in Poland, yet probably secretly wish they didn't have to deal with all those other parties.
  • Polish People's Party: Greedy subsidy-junkie farmers who will go into coalition with anyone as long as they agree to keep giving them more subsidies and cozy civil service jobs for their relatives.
  • Democratic Left Alliance: Former members of the Communist Party who were going to bring back Communism the second they got elected, until they realised that they could steal just as much money under capitalism. Secretly wish Civic Platform would die so its voters would have to switch to them, but that doesn't stop them trying to get into coalition with them anyway.
  • Your Movement: Irrationally loathe the Catholic Church and anything even remotely conservative. Actually just a platform for one guy who can't decide whether he wants to be left or right-wing on economics.
  • Congress of the New Right: A platform for one old guy who thinks that gutting all social programmes and privatising everything that moves is the answer to all economic woes and that women should stay in the kitchen and not vote or anything. The average supporter is a 16-year-old who spends all day on the internet posting memes of said old guy. They haven't ever gotten into parliament, yet remain under the delusion that they would easily win an election if only the people could see the brilliance of their programme.
  • National Movement: A bunch of neo-Nazi football hooligans who think that Law and Justice isn't conservative enough. They'll never get into parliament either, but have just enough supporters to run riot in the capital every year on Independence Day.

  • Social-Democratic Party (PSD): Corrupt former Communists and neo-Communists, enriched by dubious means during the 1990s. Popular with the rural and working classes. Constantly trying to maintain the status quo by undermining the justice system, giving out electoral bribes to impoverished voters and by using the influence of media moguls.
  • National Liberal Party (PNL): A mixture of liberals, nationalists, Christian-democrats and other right-wingers who are constantly fighting against the Social Democrats and against each other. Popular with the urban middle class and the Romanian diaspora. Pride themselves on being true reformers, even when their reforms are pointless and/or stupid, like changing the country's timezone to that of Western Europe or restoring the Romanian monarchy.
  • Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR): Hungarian minority party who constantly complain about minority rights while being perpetually in the governing coalition. Their sole political ideology is Hungarian regional autonomy with the goal of eventually breaking off from Romania.
  • PC/UNPR/PLR/PMP/PND/PSRO/PPDD/M10/PRM/PPMT/PV etc.: Minor parties whose only hope of being politically relevant is to ally with either the PSD or the PNL. Although they officially represent all kinds of ideologies and political ideas, in practice they are barely distinguishable from one another.

  • United Russia (ER): The party of Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, and 40% of Russia. A centrist-conservative-left party that supports the Kremlin's plans for centralization and unity, turning Russia from The Federation into The Republic. Supporters are mocked as either nostalgic for the days when the Soviet government ruled everything, plutocrats who are tied up with The Mafiya, neo-militarists, or unimaginative people who follow Putin because so many others do.
  • Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF): The second-largest party, supported by about 19% of the people. Mostly supported by old people and scientists who miss the security of the Soviet days before The Mafiya took over, plus the Josef Stalin fans, but have placed a Nostalgia Filter over the tyrannical aspects of the Soviet Union. Their leader, "Papa" Zyuganov, is accused of running a Cult of Personality.
  • Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR): The LDPR is the Politically Incorrect Villain of Russian parties. It is pro-Russian and hates Jews, Americans, Asians, and anything else non-Slavic. Fascist, nationalist, poor. Appropriately enough, led by half-Jewish aggressive demagogue Vladimir Zhirinovsky. At its most friendly, it is a Sour Supporter of the Kremlin.
  • Fair Russia (SR): A social-democratic party that officially acts as the voice for progressive social reform and human rights. In the Duma, it is seen as the Fox News Liberal of parties, not daring to say much against the Kremlin lest it provoke the ire of Vladimir Putin. It has picked up many supporters from...
  • Yabloko: A liberal-democratic party that promoted democracy, social reform, and human rights. Its supporters were derided as soft middle-class liberals who are trying to import American liberalism. Was kicked out of the Duma for insufficient returns in elections.
  • Right Way: as it is seen in the name, classic right-wing party. Supports capitalism, pro-western politics, human rights and can be viewed somewhat like the British Conservative Party. Has little support because pro-western politics and other became increasingly unpopular in the Russian public.
  • National Bolshevik Party (Nazbol): A mad party who want Russia to form a massive Eurasian empire. Hates America and authoritarian governments, such as that of Vladimir Putin. However, its symbol looks like the Nazi flag with a hammer and sickle in place of the swastika. Naturally, it is banned.
  • Russian Communist Workers' Party - Revolutionary Party of Communists (RKRP - RPK): The party of the real, old-fashioned Communists, who consider the KPRF to be too soft and too bourgeois-fascist. Stages demonstrations and claims to be behind the biggest strikes, earning it a reputation as a Glory Hound. This party really does want to bring back the Soviet Union.
  • Party For People Freedom (PARNAS): Everyone who does not want to cooperate with Putin. Party is banned.

  • The PAP: The ruling party. Has been in power for a longer time than the country has actually existed. Supporters are mocked as extremely conservative, well-off, bureaucratic and stuffy white picket fence traditionalists who would happily give up freedom of speech and expression just as long as the money keeps rolling in.
  • The Opposition: Every other political party in the country falls under this, such is the domination of the PAP. Citizens often cannot tell the Worker's Party, the Singapore Democratic Party, the National Solidarity Party etc. apart. Supporters are mocked as young, naive, Internet-addicted starry-eyed idealists who don't have real jobs and complain for the sake of complaining.

  • The Social Democrats - Social Democracy (senior partner of the current government coalition). Supported by older workers out of perceived class loyalty who doesn't know any better, corrupt union bosses and underlings, first and second-generation immigrants who wants special minority rights and easy handouts, native-born losers and welfare cases who wants an easy handout, and champagne socialists who see the assassinated Olof Palme as their secular prophet and democratic-socialist martyr. Haven't gotten over the fact that other political parties gets to have an independent right to vote against what the almighty Party dictates to others. Loves the United Nations and secretly wants to create a one-world government under it. Loves South Africa, Palestine and other third world countries. Positive about the European Union and does not want Sweden to join NATO. Hates freedom of choice for others than Party bosses. Loves high tax rates for others than billionaires. Considered class traitors and capitalist sellouts by various far-left hardcore socialists. Loves low-skilled immigrants only because they fill up the electoral base of the Party.
  • The Moderates – Liberal Conservatives (lead party of the Alliance for Sweden coalition in opposition) Their voters consists of rich people who want to reenact feudalism and upper middle class families who want to pay their maids as little as possible, and guile others who buy in to their hollow rhetoric despite working against their interests. Functions more like an advertisement agency rather than a political party. The chairwoman acts like a CEO and elected representatives are treated like subordinate employees, and the party is financed by undisclosed donations. Hates the poor and the sick and strives toward abolishing the Swedish welfare state. Secretly Neo-Reactionaries who misses the time when suffrage was limited to above average income-earners. Loves handouts to corporations and the wealthy. Loves the European Union and wants Sweden to become member of NATO. Loves low-skilled immigrants only because they provide cheap domestic labor and a clandestine way to undermine the influence of the unions.
  • The Sweden Democrats – Social Conservatives (in permanent opposition). Racists, Nationalists, Populists and other such words of negative connotation are frequently used to describe them in the mainstream media. Longs backs to the good old days when everyone was white, heterosexual, Christian and women stayed in the kitchen. Has a zero-tolerance policy against overt racist statements: representatives and members who voice dissent with that, and of the leadership junta in general, are expediently expelled. Dislikes unions primarily because the unions has unfettered hatred of the Sweden Democrats for politically correct reasons. Hates the European Union and does not want Sweden to join NATO. Admirers of Hungary under Órban, Russia under Putin and the Trump candidacy in the United States. Loves Israel because of its discriminatory practices against the Palestinians and other resident non-Jews (seeing Israel of today being a role-model for future Sweden), and for creating an argument of them not being Neo-Nazis. Believed to be secretly Neo-Nazis by opponents to the left and some on the right. Considered traitors and Zionist sellouts by overt Neo-Fascists and Neo-Nazis. Hates low-skilled and third-world immigrants in general, with Moslems in particular.
  • The Environmental Party – Green Ideology (junior partner of the current government coalition; seen as a puppet of the Social Democrats). Their voters consist of guile students without a job, environmentalists, pacifists, former hippies who survived the 1960’s, journalists, leftish-leaning academics, and high-income progressives wearing Prada. Smug people who brags about how morally superior and politically correct they are. Secretly socialists, wants to abolish Sweden and create a one-world government. Neutral about the European Union and does not want Sweden to join NATO. Loves Palestine and other third world countries. Opportunistic party officials are willing to hang on to power even if selling out their core beliefs (whether the party survives or not is irrelevant, as long as they can feather their nests). Considered traitors by hardcore environmentalists and pacifists. Loves immigrants just because it is politically correct to do so.
  • The Center Party – Mainstream Liberals (used to be Centrists; member of the Alliance for Sweden coalition in opposition; seen as a puppet front of the Moderate Party). Known as the Farmer’s League until the 1950’s, but today no one has the slightest idea of what they want, least of all themselves. Popular among elder people in rural areas out of perceived class loyalty who doesn't know any better. Might be trying to muscle into their fellow coalition member’s territory. Loves handouts to corporations. Wants polygamy and flat tax rates. Loves low-skilled immigrants only because they provide cheap domestic labor and a clandestine way to undermine the influence of the unions.
  • The Left Party – Left-Wing Socialists (although not a member of the current government coalition, they support them; seen as useful idiots for the Social Democrats). Was once upon a time a Marxist-Leninist party until the fall of the Soviet Union, and probably secretly still are communists. Their voters consists of many far left true believers, a few revolutionaries, and plenty of politically correct left wing academics. The only left wing party in Sweden who does not mind to talk about class struggle, anti-capitalism and other such classic leftist concepts in the open. Loves Cuba and North Korea, but hates Israel and the United States. Secretly misses the USSR and China under Mao. Loves immigrants (especially Moslems), mostly for being the new underdogs.
  • The Liberals – Social Liberals (member of the Alliance for Sweden coalition in opposition; seen as a puppet front of the Moderate Party). Popular among school teachers and university professors out of perceived class loyalty who doesn't know any better. Supported by those middle class high-brows who consider the Moderates, Center Party and Christian Democrats to be too crude and tacky. Smug people who brags about how morally superior and politically correct they are. Loves Israel and the United States. Loves the European Union and wants Sweden to become member of NATO and to adopt the Euro as its currency. Secretly wants to abolish Sweden and create a one-world government. Loves handouts to the wealthy and corporations. Loves low-skilled immigrants only because they provide cheap domestic labor and a clandestine way to undermine the influence of the unions.
  • The Christian Democrats - Christian Democrats (member of the Alliance for Sweden coalition in opposition; seen as a puppet front of the Moderate Party). Smug semi-religious people who claims to love children, the elderly, unfettered capitalism and handouts to corporations. Loves Israel and the United States. Loves the European Union and wants Sweden to become member of NATO. Christian fundamentalists consider them to be secular, if not atheist, sellouts. Loves low-skilled immigrants only because they provide cheap domestic labor and a clandestine way to undermine the influence of the unions.
  • Feminist Initiative – Intersectional Feminists. Believes that Sweden of today is not nearly feminist enough. Feminist left wing academics and their most ardent supporters who the Left and Green parties for not being big enough left-wing feminist radicals. Hates white men and heterosexuals. Bitter lesbians and man-hating Femi-Nazis who overtly wants to re-educate and secretly kill all men. Loves Palestine and other third world countries. Wants to abolish Sweden and create a one-world feminist government under the United Nations. Loves immigrants (especially Moslems), mostly for being the new underdogs and just because it is politically correct to do so.

  • Christian Democratic People's Party (CVP): Wishy-washy, nice Cloud Cuckoo Landers whom nobody's listening to anyway. Want to uphold the social market economy to neither offend the big business capitalists who propagate economic freedom nor the wacky socialists in their quest for, justice. Due to the "C" in their party name, they are always stammering about social/family values just in order to sound relevant.
  • Social Democratic Party (SP): Damn socialists (see above) and pacifist sissies who hate guns and aim to ruin the country through welfare programs, universal health care and above all, dragging poor Switzerland into the European Union, seeking to destroy her great heritage of independence, neutrality and her strong economy. Oh, and they are drug addicts, of course.
  • Free Democratic Party (FDP): Greedy loan sharks who promote big business and a strong, capitalist economy (see above). Libertarian to the core.
  • Swiss People's Party (SVP): Retarded, right-wing xenophobes who want to keep Switzerland isolated from the influence of every country which is not so great as her, which would happen to be every nation which does not tend to begin with "switzer" and end with "land". Despite pretending to be on the farmer's side, they suck up to the rich ones by propagating tax cuts for them.

  • Kuomintang (Nationalist Party, KMT): The KMT leads the Blue Coalition in Taiwan, and is the oldest Chinese party, dating back to 1919. It used to be the only party in Taiwan until about 20 years ago. Its supporters are plutocrats who want to take control of all of China under a "One China" policy, and have sold out to the Communists by promoting rapprochement.
  • Democratic Progressive Party (DPP): The DPP is the Bourgeois Bohemian party of new-age progressive democrats who want Taiwan to become its own country, but do not realize doing that would risk war with Red China.

    United Kingdom 
  • Labour: working-class benefits scrounger, illegal immigrant, asylum seeker, or all three, plus the "champagne socialists" (rich progressives), who are seen as eating tofu and hummus, as well as being knee-jerk Anti-Tory and having an obsessive desire to be identified with the working-class. Will inevitably morph once in office to become ultra-authoritarian. Spend all the money they have and indeed, the money they don't have. If this spending results in increased efficiency (however small), it is obviously a massive success. If it doesn't work, throw more money at it and the problem will sort itself out. While in opposition, will decry Tory policies and promise to repeal them once in power, then tamely accept them as the status quo and do nothing once in power. Loathed for betrayal by many former voters. Labour supporters are younger, unmarried, earn only £26,460 and are more likely to work in the private sector than other parties’ supporters.
  • Conservatives: Upper-class public-school toffs who want to take more money from the poor to give to the rich, and have duped the workers. They are either mocked as ultra-traditionalist "Shire Tories" who live in the countryside and are obsessed with the nobility and Victorian values; or otherwise slimy young middle-class libertarians who want to abolish the NHS while everyone's backs are turned. Despite a libertarian streak, this only applies to economic policy, and social policies e.g. drug policy reform, surveillance, smoking legislation, remain largely similar to Labour, for fear of upsetting the terrified parents of Middle England. Tories emerge as the most middle-class, highest earning, most likely to own their own home and living in the south and Midlands.
  • Liberal Democrat: Cloudcuckoolander who believes his party will ever get in power, or alternatively Labour-lite or, more recently, Tory-Lite. Once managed to actually get into power. Once a party which was seen as 'trendy' to support, 'cos the others were too mainstream or something like that. These days, also stereotyped as somewhat hypocritical for jumping into bed with a party they had previously talked about as if it was their archnemesisnote . More Lib Dem voters have a degree, are single and have an average income of £28,730. Almost half of Nick Clegg’s backers live in southern England.
  • Green : The Bog-Standard Green Stereotype. Bunch of bonkers hippy throwbacks, probably want to extend voting rights to fish, want the NHS to give more priority to crystal healing than heart transplants, are inherently suspicious of anything that could conceivably benefit humanity.
  • BNP (British National Party): Racist. Although they've recently been forced to allow non-white members to join and many actually have. These non-white members are also racist. For example, a Sikh man who hated Muslims was delighted to find like-minded comrades in the BNP. Their main enemies are of course the awful Muslamic ray guns. Specialize at being losing incumbent councilors and having leadership crises. However, it's been largely upstaged by the arrival of...
  • UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party): A bunch of sexist, xenophobic Little Englanders. Imagine the more unpleasant right-wing tendencies of the Tories taken Up to Eleven and then some. Obsessed with World War 2 and compare the Third Reich with the EU constantly. Either seen making tired national stereotypes about the French or fervently campaigning against political correctness. Reads the Daily Express. Believes the EU had banned bendy bananas and cars with more than three wheels. Has obsessed fantasies about launching their own resistance movement against the evil nasty Europeans. Claims to be anti-establishment. Managed to forget to put down their own name on the ballot at the recent London Election. Ukip voters are more likely to be older, white, male, married, retired and living on an average income of £25,410.
  • SNP (Scottish National Party): Bunch of whiny Scots who watched Braveheart and decided that it should be brought into the 21st century. Basically Labour but more mawkishly nationalistic. Committed to fighting the nasty Tories, who are apparently the root of all evil. Leeches money off English people while claiming they don't need it. Too obsessed with trying to get independence for Scotland to concentrate on actually running Scotland. Lost their own independence referendum and are currently focusing on trying to get another one by fostering grievance at every single opportunity. Criticise them and get bullied by their fanatical online followers, who consider their party to be utterly infallible.
  • Solidarity: Obscure Scottish party and vehicle for Tommy Sheridan's ego.
  • Plaid Cymru: Have a stupid name, obsessed with the necromancy of a long-forgotten and incomprehensible language, physically incapable of doing anything constructive in power. Basically think of all the stereotypes of a Welshman and imagine a whole horde of them. Charming, eh?
  • Respect: A hodge-podge alliance of aging, unwashed liberals ready to scream "Military-Industrial Complex" if they so much as see a soldier walking to the newsagents, and bearded Muslim Fundamentalists hell-bent on imposing Shariah law in London.
  • Sinn Fein: Terrorists who have accidently become politicians. Never show up for work, not that they would get let in if they did.
  • DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) : Really, really, really conservative. Thinks gay people are abominations or something like that
  • Independents : Principled egalitarians who prefer to stay above the pettiness of party politics. In reality though, they are just too egotistical to join a real party.

    United States