Analysis / Playing Card Motifs

  • Meanings of the Face Cards:
    • The King of Spades is theorized to represent King David. In Tarot Motifs, the King of Spades is viewed as a stern, dishonest lawyer.
    • The King of Hearts is theorized to represent Charlemagne. Traditionally, this card is shown with a sword over his head, giving him the nickname "suicide king." Interestingly, this is the only king with no moustache.
    • The King of Diamonds is theorized to represent Julius Caesar. Notable for being the only king to be portrayed with an axe instead of a sword.
    • The King of Clubs is theorized to represent Alexander the Great. When crossed over with Tarot Motifs, he is said to represent loyalty, integrity, and being unaware of having great power.
    • The Queen of Spades, popularly representing Pallas Athena. In the game Hearts, she is considered unlucky; whoever gets the Queen of Spades gains 13 points to his detriment note . She is the titular Old Maid in the game Old Maid. Tarot Motifs have her as an intelligent, tactical woman, befitting the goddess she was supposed to represent.