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Analysis: Path of Exile
  • Fate Worse than Death: Upon entering Axiom Prison, the Marauder remarks "A slave is not a man. A slave isn't even worthy of death." This statement can be reasonably interpreted in many ways until the Marauder kills Brutus, and derides the Lord Incarcerator as a slave driver; this strongly implies that he believes slavery and incarceration are fates worse than death—the Karui emphasis of facing death without fear and living/fighting with tenacious determination means that being robbed of the freedom to live, fight, and die on one's own terms would be horrendous. Consequently, the Marauder likely believes that those who have been enslaved cannot die with dignity, and thus are not "worthy of death".
  • And I Must Scream: In the Weaver Chambers, one can hear eerie moans, muffled screams, and there are humanoid bundles of silk squirming against the walls. Yup, prey for the giant spiders. Except that during the course of Silk's mission in the Chambers, you kill every last one of the spiders, including their "queen". What happens to their victims, still alive and unable to free themselves ? *shudder*
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