Analysis / Mythology

Pandora's box can be a euphemism for the female nether regions. So opening the box is the same as child birth. The children born are in essence the next generation. The ancient Greeks saw what mankind had been doing until then (wars, killing, etc...) and pictured themselves a bleak future. Each child born would just add to the crimes of humanity. BUT there was still hope. Maybe the child would grow up to be a better person than all those that came before it. This being said, it is a rather misogynistic view: it's the womans fault to put evil into this world.

One can also argue that since the box contains nothing but evil (all kinds of diseases, death, suffering,...), that maybe hope itself is also an unrecognised evil. Maybe hope is just a cruel joke of the gods, to let man struggle in life while all is lost anyway. Maybe hope is just a device from the gods to add more suffering to the suffering already innate in mankind.