Analysis / Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a Facebook game launched in March 2012 by Marvel and Playdom Online Games. Let's see some tips to improve your gameplay. Of course, we are taking for granted that you are not Bribing Your Way to Victory.

How to harvest command points

One of the most important issues in the game. There are so many amazing beloved Marvel characters already, and the list keeps growing and growing. And they are always expensive in those command points. How to avoid the Archive Panic? What can we do to get more of them?
  • First of all, play the game at least once every day. You will get the daily roulette, which may or may not give you command points for free (do not count with them, you will not get them very often). However, after you have loaded the game for 5 days in a row, you will get a command point for free, guaranteed. It may not be much, but it adds in the long run. If you have a busy day in real life, try to find a spare minute to at least load the game, get the daily command point and call it a day: if you miss a day, you will have to repeat the 5-days sequence again to get the free command points.
  • Play all the special operations that you see, complete them, and get the new character. You don't like that character much, or even don't know about him? It does not matter: complete the operation anyway. This won't give you command points, but it will save you from needing 200 at some point in the future, when you need that character for an heroic battle or a deploy (and perhaps a deploy required to unlock an epic boss, or complete a chapter). And believe us, you will need that character sooner or later.
  • Play all and each mission of each season 1 chapter, until you get the five stars. Besides all the roulettes that you got when you defeated the bosses, you will get 5 command points.
  • Similarily, you can get 5 command points if you complete the 5 stars of the daily mission. But have in mind that you have a time limit to those missions, just a day. Although you can try this with any daily mission, it is only practical to attempt it with those that you can win with just 3 fights.
  • You can also try this with special operation missions. However, their limited time and the unstable iso required to play the fights (which you may also need for more important stuff, such as finishing the special operation itself or fight against group bosses) may make it very difficult to be actually achieved.

How to harvest gold

  • Be a steady player. Each time the agent gets enough experience to level up, you will get a new gold.
    • It is a good idea to finish all daily missions, as you will get 1000 experience points for the agent.
  • Play all the 5 daily fights of each PVP seasons, to unlock the daily PVP roulette. The change to get gold is low, but it's worth a try.
  • If you follow the previous idea, you will likely end in the Gold league or higher, and get 10 golds at the end of the tournament.
  • As with the command points, you will get one free gold when you get four stars in the season 1, daily or special operation missions.

How to harvest silver

Note that you get some silver for most things you do in the game anyway. The tips are just for large ammounts of silver.
  • The most effective way to get money or a regular basis is with the remote operations. Send all the heroes with high experience that you won't be using right now, and get money. Make sure to adjust the time of the remote operations to your own time schedule: if you will leave the computer and return several hours later, send the heroes to a remote operation of more or less that time. Always do this, even when you have a huge ammount of money, because you can run out of that money in no time.
  • Group bosses are a massive source of money, in those Special Operations that feature them. Fight them until you defeat them, respawn them as soon as it is the moment, and fight any that may show up for your friends. Special Operations are not available all the time, and only some of them have group bosses, so take full advantage of them when you can.
  • Play one PVP fight. Just one. Just by doing that, you will get $100,000 at the end of the season.
  • Play all the daily PVP fights, and you will get $10,000 for each one (which is $50,000 for each day). Note that tournaments with a lockbox hero will tell you that you got a lockbox and won't say anything about the $10,000, but you get them anyway.


No, we won't tell you which characters or gear you have to use. You will have to decide that yourself. Those are some general tips.
  • First, there are some things that you should have somewhere in your team, either from the agent or from a character
    • Healing
    • Something to give as many debuffs to the other player as possible
    • Something to generate as many good status effects as possible
    • Something to remove the good status effects from the other player
    • Something to remove damaging status effects from your team
    • Some stealth attack
  • In the gear-up, you should include
    • One quick action (and if it does not have cooldown, so much the better)
    • A very strong individual attack (plus if it adds some debuff)
    • A strong area attack (idem)
    • Some item that provides some important passive buff.
  • When you select the team
    • If a character has moves that exploits certain debuffs, go with some other character or gear that applies it, even if the character does so himself. If character A has already applied the debuff, character B can go for the move that exploits it on his first turn. If both characters generate and exploit the same debuff, so much the better.
    • Try to avoid characters and uniforms with the same class. You would be weak against a team with the class that is strong against it. Use classes that complement each other. Alternatively, you can rely on generalization debuffs, or the debuff that counters the class strength, to counter this.
  • The away team, the one that you won't control, will not follow any strategy. Use characters and gear whose moves are effective in any order. The best way to find out which are the better characters, is to play PVP at some higher level, and see yourself which are the most difficult characters to defeat. That one character that makes you complain "oh, no, not THIS one!", is surely the one you should use.