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Analysis: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable

Beware that this page contains unmarked spoilers!

The Battle of Aces

The first game of the Potable Continuity is about the Dark Piece Incident, where the nine heroes are involved and each character has his/her own story route. However, most of the story routes are contradictory with each other, leaving only a few of the events being Canon. Due to the small cast, the story is strongly focused on the Yagami family.

The Dark Piece Incident takes place directly after the Book of Darkness Incident; the story begins that a force field appears around Uminari City and the remnants of the Automatic Defense Program/the Darkness of the Book of Darkness/NachtWal are revived, in form of the Dark Pieces, darker and negative versions of the nine heroes. The programs of the Eternal Ringnote , the Materials (who are believed to be remnants of NachtWal in this game) are the ones who are summoning the Dark Pieces. The goal of the Materials is bringing darkness and destruction over the world and a few mentions state that they want to revive U-D, whose upcomming revival is the reason of the revival of the Materials in the first place.

In general, each character has to defeat the Dark Pieces in order to keep the city in save. Defeating the Materials will reduce the production of Dark Pieces drastically. Every character has also his/her own personal conflict, but its resolved after defeating a certain character. Whenever a hero(/ine) defeats the respective last enemy, the story skips the part where the rest of the Dark Pieces would be defeated, and the aftermath of the incident are shown, which usually takes place three months later. The story of the second game will take place at that time.

The Gears of Destiny

The second game is about the Unbreakable Dark Incident, that not only involves the revived Materials and new Dark Pieces, but also time travelling characters. Unlike the previous game, the sequel doesn't have story routes for each character, but a long story with twelve levels named as "Sequences", where all characters are involved. Each Sequence has its own main character(s) who have to fight the "targets" to continue the story. If there are multiple playable characters or targets, the player has the right to choose them, which can (but not always) affect story.

The first eleven Sequences are about the main story, the Unbreakable Dark Incident, and the 12th Sequence is the Playable Epilogue, which takes place a few months after the main story. The nine heroes from the previous game reappear again, as well as the three Secret Characters, the Materials. Eleven more characters, including U-D appear in the sequel. The two new main characters, Amitie Florian and Kyrie Florian, as well as the Materials, play a major part in the story.


The prologue is told by a young Amitie Florian, who introduces her family and herself. The Florian family are living on the different world Eltria. She tells her younger sister, Kyrie, that Professor Granz Florian's work is important for humankind. To help their father's job, the sister have to grow up so they can support him.

Sequence 01

Main character: Amitie Florian; Sub-character: Kyrie Florian

  • Amitie's targets: Kyrie, Yuuno or Arf, Dearche
  • Kyrie's targets: Hayate or Reinforce

Sequence 02

Main characters: Nanoha Takamachi, Yuuno Scrya

  • Nanoha's target: Amitie, Liese, Einhard Stern
  • Yuuno's target: Amitie, Liese, Vivio, Stern

Sequence 03

Main characters: Fate Testarossa, Arf

  • Fate's target: Kyrie, Dark Piece Rynith, Dark Piece Presea, Levi
  • Arf's target: Amitie, Dark Piece Rynith, Dark Piece Presea, Levi

Sequence 04

Main characters: Hayate Yagami, Reinforce Eins

  • Targets: Thoma, Liese, Dearche, U-D

Sequence 05

Main characters: Signum, Vita, Shamal, Zafira; Sub-character: Kyrie

  • Signum's targets: Dark Piece Thoma, Dark Piece Presea, Dark Piece Levi
  • Vita's targets: Dark Piece Einhard, Liese, Arf
  • Shamal's targets: Dark Piece Yuuno, Dark Piece Vivio, Kyrie
  • Zafira's targets: Dark Piece Stern, Dark Piece Rynith, Dark Piece Dearche
  • Kyrie's target: Combat Mode U-D

Sequence 06

Main characters: Chrono Harlaown, Liese (Lieselotte and Liesearia)

  • Chrono's targets: Levi, Nanoha or Vita, Liese
  • Liese's targets: Kyrie, Fate or Signum, Hayate

Sequence 07-R

Main character: Rynith

  • Targets: Nanoha, Signum, Reinforce

Sequence 07-P

Main character: Presea Testarossa; Sub-character: Rynith

  • Presea's targets: Chrono, Dark Piece Fate, Zafira or Shamal, Rynith
  • Rynith's target: Presea

Sequence 08

Main characters: Vivio Takamachi, Einhard Stratos, Thoma Avenir

  • Vivio's targets: Dark Piece Einhard, Thoma Zafira, Nanoha
  • Einhard's targets: Dark Piece Vivio, Thoma, Yuuno, Fate
  • Thoma's targets: Dark Piece Thoma, Vivio, Hayate, Vita

Sequence 09

Main character: Kyrie Florian

  • Targets: Chrono, Shamal, Amitie

Sequence 10

Main characters: Stern the Destructor, Levi the Slasher, "Lord" Dearche

  • Stern's targets: Dark Piece Dearche, Dark Piece Vita, U-D
  • Levi's targets: Dark Piece Stern, Dark Piece Zafira, U-D
  • Dearche's targets: Dark Piece Levi, Dark Piece Signum

Final Sequence

Main characters (first round): Signum, Vita, Einhard Stratos, Zafira, Shamal, Chrono Harlaown, Kyrie Florian

Main characters (second round): Nanoha Takamachi, Fate Testarossa, Unison Hayate Yagami, Amitie Florian, "Lord Deache" TRINITY, Vivio Takamachi, Thoma Avenir

  • Target of the first round: U-D
  • Target of the second round: Combat Mode U-D

Sequence X

Main character: Yuri Eberwein

  • Targets: Stern, Levi, Kyrie, Dearche, Amitie
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