Analysis / Lupin III: The Secret of Twilight Gemini

Dueling Dubs

Big Name Fan, Reed Nelson, compiled a list of the differences between the two English-dub releases of Twilight Gemini.

  1. Jigen's "hell" changed to "heck."
  2. Conversation in train car between ICPO woman and Lupin cut almost completely. (Lupin barely sits down with the woman and Zenigata immediately barges in on him)
  3. Bedroom scene with Fujiko, Lupin, and Sadachiyo greatly abbreviated.
  4. Leering shots on Fujiko's body and shots of ogling crowd omitted.
  5. Fujiko showing off her cleavage a bit in the police station omitted.
  6. Camera pan down Fujiko's buttocks in the police station replaced with a reversed animation of her moving in to kiss Lupin. No dialogue was removed or changed.
  7. Scene inside the abandoned building re-edited to omit the shot of Lupin pulling the Twilight from Fujiko's top. No dialogue was removed.
  8. When Sadachiyo puts his sword to Lara's neck, the dripping blood is slightly reduced.
  9. Sequence where "Galoux" shoots the 3 Geltic prisoners cut, along with a prisoner's line, "Galoux, you can't!"
  10. The scene where Sadachiyo "tortures" Fujiko is mostly cut.
  11. Lupin's "Where am I? Did I die? Is this heaven? Or Hell?" becomes "Where am I? Did I die? Am I dead? Oh, no...."
  12. Shots of Lara removing her jacket and bandanna cut.
  13. Pink digital 2-piece string bikini added to Lara's figure during her bathing sequence.
  14. Scene of Lara bathing lightly abbreviated in a few spots (presumably to decrease costs of digital editing).
  15. Scene of Fujiko tied to the woodwork in the Gelt seperatists' hideout abbreviated. Some video during this scene was zoomed-in to edit out Fujiko's cleavage and underwear.
  16. Scene of Jean-Pierre holding Lara hostage significantly abbreviated, omitting the shot of him ripping her top, and of her being tossed aside.
  17. Sequence where Jean-Pierre is shot is edited to omit blood.
  18. Lara's top digitally re-drawn over her shoulder and chest as she lands onto the truck.
  19. Shot of Fujiko walking towards the camera in the treasure room cut.