Analysis / Infinite Stratos Prototype Spartan

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Kira's Journey From Child to a Man

If you look at the way Prototype Spartan has developed, it follows the same voyage from child to man. The various seasons actually are place markers to where the developments are placed.

Season One is the 'Child' stage of Kira. Here, he is stubborn and uncompromising, everything falling into place perfectly and when it doesn't, he pushes until it becomes the way he wants it. For example, when Laura attacks his friends, even in the face of an authority figure, he is unrelenting, as his only thought it about what he wants at that time and how to get it. The finale of Season One is the initial movement onto the second stage, where his world is shattered, and is placed in a situation that he actually has to work for in order to make an outcome.

Season Two would be the stage of a teenager/young man. He is still stubborn at times, but he is much more cautious of others and empathetic to others. He tries to balance out his life, in a time of great turmoil, similar to the uncertain years of a teenager moving to college, growing up in the world. He makes choices that are trying to create peace, knowing that the time he needs to eventually drop the harem that pursues him will come. Picture that similar to the paths in life that approach a high school senior: Should he go straight into the work force? College? Maybe the Armed Forces? This choice, which forces him to compromise one of his most important ideals, transitions into the third stage.

Season Three is the 'adult' stage of Kira's journey through the story. Stubbornness is a part of his character, but is very low key compared to before. He has to make choices that have both good and bad on each side, and seem nearly even. However, this is also the most selfish Kira, even if his actions look selfless. A good example is the part where he denies the contract with the World Leaders Committee in order to protect his men, which seems selfless, but if you look closely it is more for keeping his ideals, wanting to keep to them. It's ironic in a few ways, but is much more mature than Season One or Two Kira.