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Analysis: Ice-T
  • Unbuilt Trope/Trope Codifier: O.G. Original Gangster contains a few songs that fall on this axis; for example, "New Jack Hustler" is mainly about the fast, big-money lifestyle of illegitimate riches, not unlike many type 2 Gangsta Rap songs that would follow. Unlike most of the subsequent, somewhat flanderized works, however, it also goes into the darker side of such a lifestyle, and sounds almost like a Stealth Parody of these songs. The events of "Midnight"—where a large group of men try to jack the car Ice is riding in—seem fairly rooted in reality, but the backing track is strongly reminiscent of the Horrorcore genre, which was still not well-defined in 1990. Conversely, "Pulse Of The Rhyme" has some Horrorcore themes in its lyrics but is fairly mild in production—not to mention the fact that it feels much less scary than the song that follows it on the album, "The Tower", which is a chilling documentary of modern American prison life. Another deviation from future gangsta raps is Ice's more tolerant attitudes toward homosexuality.
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