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>Galleons represent the actual amount of quantified magic in the world Galleons are not created per se. The Goblins were able to cast a spell that created 1 galleon per calorie of magical energy in the world. Galleons can probably be physically counterfeited, however a casual magical scan would reveal that counterfeit was not an original. No new galleons can be created because there is only so much magic in the world. Now, having a galleon doesn't control any magic in the world, but the fact that the total galleons equals to the total magic in the world is why they are used as currency for purchasing magical items.However much magical energy was used that is how many galleons the thing costs...or at least that is the theory, of course black market trades are made all the time where the magical value of items is inflated or deflated for one reason or another.
  • I always figured that there is a small circle of goblins who run Gringotts who each cast a spell that makes galleons. Y Ou can make a physical counterfeit galleon but no one wants to because doing so would get you cursed by the Goblins.