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Analysis: Dog Stereotype

Dog Breed Gender Stereotypes

Fluffy, little, or lithe, sleek-looking dogs are more readily assumed to be female and large, beefy, muscular, or athletic-looking dogs are more readily assumed to be male. Some breeds of dog are more readily assumed to be female than others, particularly if they're delicately-built, have long, flowing, feathery hair, or are elaborately groomed.

Sometimes, dog breed gender stereotypes are based on famous movie or television dogs that share the breed.

Sometimes, dogs belonging to a given breed who are the opposite gender of the gender their breed is usually stereotyped as. These should be listed as aversions or, if they they portray the breed stereotypes otherwise, as subversions.

Breed Gender Stereotype Examples:

Stereotyped as Female

Poodles (whether standard, miniature, or toy)
  • Subverted with poodle Fifi from Open Season 2 as even though he portrays poodle stereotypes, he is male.
  • Heavily subverted In Angela Anaconda; Nanette's purebred poodle who likes to roll around in mud and garbage, Ooh-La-La, is male.



Bichon Frises


Shih Tzus

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
  • Trope Codifier: Charlotte’s dog, Elizabeth Taylor from Sex and the City: Because of Elizabeth Taylor, Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniels are stereotyped as female.

Stereotyped as Male

Saint Bernards
  • Trope Codifier: Beethoven: Saint Bernards are usually stereotyped as male anyway, but Beethoven has reinforced this Saint Bernard stereotype.
  • Averted with Nana from Disney's Peter Pan as she is female and doesn't really play to her breed's stereotypes.

Mixed Breed Dogs or Mutts


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