Analysis / China Takes Over the World

Like more than a few other… questionable tropes in this vein, this has some (emphasis on some) grounding in history.

The reason why the South and East China Seas are called that (and why those names are liable to trigger an Internet Backdraft when mentioned on more than a few Vietnamese, Filipino, or Korean forums) is because they marked the traditional realms of Chinese influence, as their shipbuilding more or less dwarfed everybody else's until the Japanese Westernized in the late 19th century.

Ultimately, however, this trope is defeated by simple demographics. As a result of the One Child Policy becoming a cultural force even after its repeal, China is on the verge of losing the numbers necessary to make this trope possible. China's future is one of a large number of elderly people, no longer capable of participating in the workforce, being supported by an extremely inadequate number of younger citizens. This is made worse by the preference for male children, resulting in a gender disparity skewed in precisely the wrong direction for making up the incipient drop in population. China is no longer on a course for world domination, but instead on the verge of collapse.