Analysis: Celibate Hero

A list of Possible Reasons for Celibacy

  • "Love is A Distraction" - They have a job to do and can't risk being distracted by something as petty as a love life.
  • "True Love Doesn't Exist Anymore" - They are absolutely sickened by the sexual and/or romantic values of most if not all of the other characters, and find it sickening that anyone would even think that they would stoop to the same level. May come off to passers-by as merely haughtiness (and it certainly can be), but if the character in question remembers a World or a time in which his or her values still existed, were far more common, or were maybe even the standard, then it would be more accurate to say that the character looks at the current World as a Wretched Hive and/or Vice City and its inhabitants as immoral, awful people. Can often overlap with Hurting Hero, Rebellious Rebel and Black Sheep. Sometimes overlaps with Break the Cutie, The Woobie (especially Stoic Woobie), Doomed Moral Victor, With Friends Like These..., and Defector from Decadence. It can even overlap with The McCoy, in which case the character may be a combination of two polar opposites: The Cynic and The Idealist.
  • "Love is Beneath Me," related to the above - they believe that to be the ones the squad/city/world/universe can depend on, they have to be more powerful and more resolved than the average human being, and above the basest human instincts, especially if they are Badass Normal. See also Love Is a Weakness.
  • "I'm A Danger Magnet" - they are Genre Savvy, and realize anyone they get close to or allow to approach them is very likely to shortly end up dead.
  • They are maintaining a Secret Identity, and fear exposure if they get too close to anyone. A Cape will frequently combine this reason with the "danger magnet" excuse, and settle for pining for their love interest from afar.
  • Bad romantic experiences in the past:
    • They fell for the wrong person, maybe The Vamp or someone who left them for someone else, and no longer trust the opposite sex.
    • They can't let go of the memory of a dead lover, especially if they feel responsible for the death of said lover.
  • They are both asexual and aromantic.
  • Rare today is the idea that the heroes' powers rely on their remaining celibate, or that they are celibate out of religious or moral conviction. Most commonly this is found in fantasy settings, which may feature religious orders or mystical powers that may be influenced by sexual activity. Male examples, of course, are never in a setting based in the real world, because a man is never, ever a virgin, and don't you dare claim otherwise!
  • They simply abhor the opposite sex (more common among Anti Heroes, particularly male examples).
  • They do not feel that they are worthy of being loved (for any number of reasons).
  • They carry a curse that is passed down from parent to child, so they are simply trying to end the curse.
  • Sorry, I'm Gay surrounded by an Unwanted Harem.
  • Rarely used in any notable works today in any media for reasons other than religious beliefs or medical disability. If for religious reasons, it is often depicted by bringing attention to the fact, usually in the form of temptation. Expect Buddhist (or any other celibate or abstinence associated religion) characters seeking to abstain from physical distractions to fit in here often.
  • Occasionally a case of a Hero everyone thinks is male actually being female, and pretending to be celibate, asexual or otherwise uninterested in physical relationships (and may be a case of panicking whenever touched at all for this very reason) in order to avoid discovery. You can pretty much guarantee that someone is going to try and pounce her anyway, and discover their true identity. If it's an ally, they'll probably be sworn to secrecy, but let it get out somehow anyway. If they're an enemy, you can be assured they'll use it against the Hero, especially if she continues to keep it a secret from her fellow teammates.
  • The hero is not human, and does not understand What Is This Thing You Call Love?
  • They just don't care.
  • "My Days Are Numbered" - They realize they are Secretly Dying and choose not to pursue a would-be Romantic Interest to avoid Love Hurts or leaving their spouses as a Widow(er) and a Disappeared Dad or Missing Mom to any kids they might have.
  • The heroes don't want to give up their freedom just to settle down with their love interests.

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