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Analysis: Cat Stereotype

Comparison and Contrast of Human Hair Color and Feline Fur Color Stererotypes

Comparison and Contrast of Red Haired Human and Red-Furred Cat Stereotypes

Red haired men and boys are often portrayed as either nerds or bullies rather than as heroes. Conversely, redheaded girls and women as heroic characters are numerous. The popularity also comes from stereotypes and character traits associated to hair color, but in this case those characteristics are positive. Just as ginger men are often seen as unattractive freaks, ginger women are usually feisty, impulsive and sexy.

Whereas red headed men and boys are most often portrayed as nerds or bullies, red-furred male cats are usually portrayed as heroic or irascible.

Blonde Hair in Humans, White Fur in Cats Comparison

White-furred female cats in cartoons are aesthetically akin to blonde human heroines.

Cat Gender Stereotypes

Male Cat and Female Cat Stereotypes

Male cats are often stereotyped as cuddly and affectionate and female cats are often stereotyped as aloof and cold.

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