Analysis / Bronyism

The Format

The blog is set up as a series of Facebook pages which begin the story as soon as the action and conflict start when Hijacker Trolls take control of them while the Brony Crusaders or the Justin Bieber fight back. The battle over control of the pages is often what is spotlighted while a few side stories are thrown in. As expected of Facebook, material is often lost over time or removed by site moderators.

The Humor

The Hijacker Trolls' sense of humor ranges widely from Black to Surreal Humor. The Surreal Humor typically consisting of bizarre photoshops fusing unrelated elements, or jokes that simply betray the laws of physics, etc. and all sensible logic; while the Black Comedy often goes quite lengthy in prose and deep into detail, primarily to up the Gorn factor.

The Characters

Like True Capitalist, the cast is not of the conventional brand of character writing, but a number of people who come unto the scene in the form of an alternate persona, aka Roleplaying. Trollvorlord, for example, is the darker side of Zane McBane, who is yet another character from The Zane and Noah Show, who writes various grim stories centered around himself. Not everyone in the cast takes on multiple levels of characterization such as this. Nyx Sparkle specifically roleplays as the filly-alicorn from Past Sins, but also adding a hint of his original characterization into the show. In essence, the story of Bronyism may easily be considered a Character Blog.