Analysis: Avengers

Fridge Brilliance
  • At the end we see the entire army falling death as soon as the mothership is blown up. While this seems like a very cheap way to win it actually makes a lot of sense when you consider one simple factor. Wireless electricity. Logistics is one of the most important part of any war. The need to provide supplies and support your troops is essential and the key to winning any war. Wireless electricity provided by the mothership solves all of these problems. The Chitauri army doesn't need to carry any ammo, doesn't need to carry any fuel, doesn't use expensive power sources like the Arc Reactor and seeing as how the Chitauri are cybernetic it's like that they don't even need food or rest. While this does create a big weakness as seen the benefits are far far larger as it makes any army massively more effective and thwarts a big chunk of the classical counter strategies

  • When we see Tony flying with the nuke towards a completely undefended mothership which is essentially the whole engine of the war we are quickly to call out the idiocy of this. But there is the possibility that that due to Loki and Thanos's extensive knowledge of Infinity Stones the portal was one sided and they considered the ship to be completely safe from Earth attacks. However when Loki touched Tony's Arc Reactor with the Mind Gem it's possible that the residual energy from the Infinity Stone remained there allowing Tony without knowing to have a free pass towards the one way portal similar to how they needed Kaiju bio mass to pass through the Rift Pacific Rim. This would mean that Loki's essentially foiled his whole invasion because he wanted to have Tony as a puppet instead of killing him

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