Anachronism Stew: Batman: The Animated Series

Intentionally invoked by the creators to make when the series takes place ambiguous, largely as a nod to Batman's invention in The Thirties.

  • The buildings are all (or mostly) Art Deco style.
  • Gangsters wear fedoras and tend to use Thompson submachine guns.
  • Computers, VCR and video games are common, yet television broadcasts are in black and white.
  • Nobody objects to women having careers or Lucius Fox, a black man, being in a prominent position at Wayne Enterprises.
  • Uniforms are 1960s- era and SWAT teams exist, but weapons are 1920s-70s.
  • Cars are 1930s-40s, Liebherr-type cranes exist, helicopters are from the 1980s.
  • Charlie Collins' driver's license was issued September 25, 1991 and expires March 17, 1995, and Charlie was born on March 17, 1946.