Amusing Injuries / Web Original

  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog plays for laughs the many humiliating injuries inflicted upon Villain Protagonist Dr. Horrible by the Smug Super Captain Hammer. Among a Long List, these include: being hurled hundreds of feet into the air (in a prequel comic), having his shoulder dislocated (again), being choked and slammed repeatedly into a van, having a car thrown at him, and in a flashback montage, being pummeled repeatedly (including a Groin Attack), given an atomic wedgie, and spun like a helicopter, WWE-style. Dr. Horrible takes it all in stride until Captain Hammer steals his would-be girlfriend, making it personal.
    • The Emmy skit continues the matter by having Captain Hammer hijack Dr. Horrible's attempted incursion, punch Horrible out repeatedly as he keeps trying to regain the focus, and finally stick him in a headlock to continue his superhero monologuing uninterrupted.
    • There are also two subversions. The first is during Billy's conversation with Penny in the laundromat at the start of Act II, when she notices that he's driving a spork into his leg (in an attempt to suppress his anger). He tries to play it off as "hilarious" but it's clearly anything but. The second is when Captain Hammer is injured by the exploding Death Ray.
      • The latter instance is played mostly straight though, as he'd never been injured before (and wasn't visibly hurt here), and ran off crying for his mommy because "I think this is what pain feels like!"
  • RT Shorts' "Paper Cut" short. Joel and Matt are both horrified by the spike and screwdriver stuck in each other's head, but only when looking in a handheld mirror to see it.
    "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! You wanna get some lunch?"
  • The various reviewers of That Guy with the Glasses tend to find themselves punched in the face, knocked over, beaten with heavy objects, or even shot. This all is Played for Laughs, and they suffer no more than a Looney Tunes character.
  • In Das Sporking, sporkers have a tendency to beat their heads against the wall, the table, or whatever else is handy to try to alleviate their suffering. Not to mention when Mervin, Hyde, and Ket spork with Agent Sands, they tend to start brawling and beating on each other. Save for a few aside mentions, the injuries are more or less forgotten a few lines later (in some cases, healed by the Keyboard of Power.
  • Rotten often posts funny comments beneath the gruesome pictures of accidents, injuries and deaths they post on the site.
  • The Chronicles of Jaller has so many that they did a video discussing the various types of funny injuries Jaller experienced in-depth.
  • Strippin is generally acknowledged as the real-life tough guy of the Yogscast. As a result, he can take some slightly more painful injuries than the others. During his minigolf challenge with Martyn, his forfeit at the end was to be slapped with a large fish. It looked painful... which makes it even funnier. He's also been slapped with a half-eaten burger by Smiffy of Hat Films, and inflicted this to Martyn by means of a Groin Attack during the same golf challenge.