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Ambiguously Gay: Animated Films

  • Disney loved this trope, especially during the 1990s.
    • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has the Dwarfs, who even bathe together (while still wearing clothes, for the viewer's safety).
    • Robin Hood:
      • Prince John: Behaves very childishly and effeminately and is very quick to cry. You could also get the impression that he's flirting with Little John when the latter shows up wearing pink and fawning over the Prince. And as if all said wasn't obvious, Prince John lacks a mane - which in lions usually means low levels of testosterone.
      • Sir Hiss: immediately starts acting like a jilted lover. Kind of funny, considering that historically speaking, Richard's the one whose sexuality is up for debate.
    • The Great Mouse Detective: Ratigan: Not only does his body language and his poise seem to suggest some, um, implications, but the sheer amounts of Foe Yay he has with Basil is so thick, you could cut through it with a knife, children's movie or not.
    • The Little Mermaid: Ursula, if only because she was designed to resemble drag queen Divine.
    • Aladdin has Jafar, both in the original movie and the first sequel (though Up to Eleven there).
    • Beauty and the Beast:
      • Le Fou is a little too much into Gaston.
      • In the sequel The Enchanted Christmas, we have Forte and Fife.
    • The Lion King has Timon and Pumbaa, to the point where it's something of a running joke to refer to them as "Simba's two daddies". Possibly confirmed for Pumbaa in one House of Mouse episode, the Valentine's Day episode, in which Mickey states "grab your sweetie and give 'em a smooch" and Pumbaa gets ready to kiss Timon. A sequence deleted from "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" showed Timon reacting with violent disgust when Pumbaa cuddled up to him in a joke at the lions' expense, but was dropped from the movie at Elton John's insistence (for the three people who don't know, Elton John is himself very gay).
    • Pocahontas: Governor Ratcliffe and his manservant Wiggins, although in Wiggins' case it's just a Transparent Closet. Both were voiced by David Ogden Stiers, who would later come out as gay.
    • Lilo & Stitch:
      • Pleakly: is a Dandy Neat Freak Wholesome Crossdresser who had a whole Day in the Limelight episode about how his family wanted him to get married and he didn't, complete with Nani having to play The Beard. The writers tried to counterbalance the massive weight of gay in this episode by having one line from Pleakly that he was a "chick magnet". The scales did not balance. He also poses as Jumba's wife for most of the time, to the point where it's hard to tell how much of it is an act. In the aforementioned episode he almost ends up marrying him. There's another episode where Pleakley is depressed that Earth men aren't attracted to him (it's passed off as concern that his Earthwoman-disguise isn't good enough) - at the end of the episode he's delighted when a boy in Lilo's school admits to having a crush on him.
      • Gantu: who runs around in suspiciously colourful clothing, and only agrees to take back his old job if 625 can continue working with him. Oh, and he has 625's name tattooed on his bottom. Gantu does mention a middle-school crush on a girl in one episode, so it's not entirely clear.
    • Frozen: Queen Elsa, what with her spending her entire life hiding something that she was born with and how she became much happier once she embraced it; to the point that her big song has been called "an gay anthem". When asked about her sexuality, Jennifer Lee stated it was best left unsaid. On the other hand, she herself ships Elsa with Ralph, so maybe she considers Elsa's sexuality to be up to viewer interpretation or just wants to avoid Ship-to-Ship Combat in the movie's fandom. Ultimately, Elsa might be Ambiguously Bi.
      • Possibly Oaken, whose family seems to consist of another man and their four children. Though if the description for the Frozen Fun event at Disney Hollywood studios is any indication, they're actually his cousins.
  • The Elm Chanted Forest has Thistle, the neurotic court wizard. Aside from his effeminate behaviour (he lisps, is very submissive and even wears a purple dress-like robe), he has a clear crush if not an outright relationship with Emperor Spine and, later in the film, Buddy the Bear. Though in the second film he falls in love with the Queen of the fairies.
  • FernGully: Batty Koda.
  • Fireand Ice: The villain, Nekron, is very effeminate and is actually repulsed by the idea of mating with the very attractive Teegra while practically drooling over her brother, Taro, and engaging in a flirty duel with Larn, the young warrior who would be Teegra's lover.
  • Heavy Metal: King Ard: from the Den segment acts very effeminate and seems to think that women are inferior.
  • Gobber the Belch of How to Train Your Dragon isn't at all effeminate, but a Throw It In line by Craig Ferguson claimed that he never got married "for one other reason." Ferguson would later confirm it was exactly what it sounded like.
  • Madagascar:
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Mayor: Of all the citizens of Halloween Town, the Mayor seems to be the most worried for Jack when he goes missing and it doesn't look like just as a professional and/or as a friend, either. Not helped by the fact his voice actor was the openly gay Glenn Shadix.
  • Shark Tale: Lenny.
  • Shrek:
    • Prince Charming: Being voiced by the openly gay Rupert Everett doesn't help.
    • The Big Bad Wolf: He's seen cuddling up to, then dancing with, one of the knights at Shrek and Fiona's wedding. Loves to cross-dress. Take that as you will.
  • Toy Story 3: Ken: From his frilly handwriting, to the style of his clothes, to his many clothes, to his happiness when the army men parachute in the ending. Even dating Barbie doesn't help matters. Though he is a girls' toy. Made for and marketed to girls.
  • Yellow Submarine: The Chief Blue Meanie: acts very effeminate, has a high feminine voice, calls his robotic glove his baby, uses stereo-typically "gay" hand gestures, and seems to fall in love with Jeremy at the end.

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