Alternative Foreign Theme Song: Anime and Manga

  • All of the anime that 4Kids dubs usually have a different theme song than the Japanese version. They also usually play an instrumental version of the intro song instead of the ending theme
  • Any anime shown on Nick Jr in the 1990s will have this.
  • In Italy, practically every anime gets at least one if not more (especially airs on any Mediaset channel).
  • Practically any anime that aired on the former French block "Club Dorothée" had this.
    • During the Dark Age of Anime in France, most shows got a French opening, many of which (but not all) are now considered So Bad, It's Good. French singer Bernard Minet is now more remembered for this than for any independent song.
  • Disney has done this with some of their Studio Ghibli releases, such as Ponyo and Arrietty. For most of the others, they simply dub the existing theme.note 
    • For the case of Ponyo and Arietty, a dubbed version of the original song used in the credits is played for a few minutes, (For Arietty, there was an English version of "Arietty's Song" along with a French and Japanese version when the movie came out in Japan) then the new theme song plays for the rest of the credits.

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