Alpha Bitch: Web Original

  • Janice's frenemy with bad makeup from Why Not Janice is a materialistic, insulting, condescending and patronizing entity who comes into Janice's life to incarnate the percfect strawwoman. She seems, however, perfectly aware of it. In a Q&A, Janice stated that she had a cringe-worthy experience in school, so this may have inspired this character.
  • Sooni from Tales Of MU both uses and subverts this trope. While she starts out appearing to be a textbook Alpha Bitch, it quickly becomes clear that she's trying to live out a fantasy, with a Girl Posse made up of virtual slaves and little actual popularity.
  • Helena van Garrett (v1) and the Sisterhood (v2) from Survival of the Fittest. Sally Connelly (v4) also falls into this territory.
  • Trisha from The War Comms is an overblown caricature of this trope, which is probably why she also serves as a Butt Monkey for the saner socks.
  • Thalia's Musings
    • Aphrodite, though somewhat subverted in that she has no Girl Posse and is excluded from the other Olympian cliques.
    • Hera is a straight example, being the queen of the gods and having her Girl Posse of Demeter and Hestia. Also she often puts down other gods and goddesses. She also often suffers humiliations due to her husband's chronic infidelities and having to put up with his bastard children on a daily basis.
  • Solange (Tansy Walcutt) of the Whateley Universe, complete with a perfect body, blonde hair, a girl posse, and sycophants. Worked her way up to queen of the Alphas at Whateley Academy before her downfall.
  • Heather Jones from Erikas New Perfume is a textbook example, at least, until she got turned into a three-year-old. She did get turned back by the end of the sequel thanks to Erika, who underwent a lot of Character Development.
  • Ami in Sailor Nothing is one. She eventually pays dearly for it, becoming an instant Woobie in a single scene that's so horrific it makes the protagonists feel guilty for hating her. Aki is a subversion: she's pretty, popular and head of the Fashion Club, but she is (secretly) friends with the class weirdo and feels trapped by the superficiality of her life. After she's publicly humiliated and dethroned, she realizes it's the best thing that ever happened to her and turns out to be a pretty nice person.
  • Kelly from The Crazy Kids of Grade 5 is rich, spoiled, and thinks she is the leader of the 5th grade popular group.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School is, as the title suggests, about a whole bunch of Alpha Bitches competing for supremacy. The main ones are Mackenzie Zales, who is head cheerleader, homecoming queen, and a part-time model, and her arch-rival, socialite Shay van Buren. (Alpha Bitch-itude seems to run in the van Buren family, as Shay's mother and older sister Cameron are former ones, and younger sister Mikayla is the Alpha Bitch of her elementary school.) Probably the biggest bitch of the group, though, is Brittnay Matthews, a cheerleader who is The Starscream to Mackenzie.
  • Isabella fits this trope in Funny Business. Her first appearance involves telling Half Truths about the main character behind her back. In a flashback, the readers get to find out how she got that way.
  • Emma Barnes in Worm leads a trio of popular girls at Winslow High in an extended bullying campaign against the protagonist, Taylor Hebert.
  • Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! gives us Mina Kim, who bullies other students with the aid of her posse, the Bangers. note  Later episodes reveal there is more to her than just that (although it doesn't change her basic nature).
  • Sonya in Prolecto starts out as this. Then she becomes a succubus, and realizes that she finally looks like the monster she always was...and BREAKS.