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Alpha Bitch: Pro Wrestling
  • WWE Divas Michelle McCool and Layla El were vapid, brainless co-champions (the last co-champions were over-caffeinated male cheerleaders for reference). They seemed to exist only to insult every other Diva on the Smackdown roster. They started with trying to say that Mickie James and Beth Phoenix were fat and ugly. Eventually, they wised up and used only non-visual insults, saying that Kelly Kelly had bad body odor ("Smelly Kelly!") and just treating Rosa Mendes like dirt (although they occasionally still called The Bella Twins "The Belly Twins"). Michelle was tall and blonde, fitting the traditional visual aid for this trope; Layla, by contrast, was rather short and Ambiguously Brown (Moroccan father, English mother).
  • Who Lay-Cool was based on, TNA's Beautiful People: Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne. Recently, however, things have changed so much that Madison is the only one who is still a heel (at least, the only heel by her own decision, anyway). Additionally, their Alpha Bitch tendency of "Cleansing the world, one ugly person at a time," has disappeared and they just genuinely hate each other.
    • They also temporarily had amongst their ranks Lacey Von Erich, a third-generation female wrestler and (at least in appearance) an uncanny Expy for WWE's Kelly Kelly.
  • Torrie Wilson became this for a time after she came to the Raw roster late in 2005 and expressed her jealousy toward new Diva Ashley Massaro. She and fellow bad girls, Victoria and Candice Michelle, divided their time between picking on the more sympathetic Divas and serving as henchwomen (and, presumably, mistresses) for Vince McMahon. And just to make audiences detest her more, Torrie started carrying around a cloyingly cute Maltese puppy named Chloe. Torrie eventually turned face again after Candice became The Starscream and she and Victoria beat Torrie up.
  • Bella Twins have also displayed those traits, in the ring and on Total Divas.
  • Basically, this is the go-to gimmick for heels in WWE's Divas division.
  • AJ Lee became this after her Face-Heel Turn. She could back it up in the ring & on the mic though.
    • The general dislike of the existing, poorly trained reality stars turned Diva's, compared to AJ who had fought her way up through the industry and who could actually wrestle, the heel turn lead to her cutting promos about the other divas that were supposed to draw heel heat but instead were cheered by the audience.
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